On last week’s episode of Glee we were left hanging as Ryder realized that he might not be chatting with the blonde hair blue-eyed girl he thought he was. So, who could it possibly be? We break it down into five different people Ryder may actually be chatting with online!

Last week on Glee, Ryder was very clearly excited about an online conversation that was happening between him and iChat user katie_xoxo. However, by the end of the episode it was revealed that maybe Katie isn’t exactly the person we thought she was. When Ryder asked her if they could meet, we heard some keyboard typing going on in the background (see person 3 below) and an immediate logout and no goodbye from our friend Katie. For those who have seen the movie or new hit MTV series “Catfish” you probably recognize this storyline: chatting and creating a relationship with someone online without ever actually meeting them only to find out they’re not the person they represent themselves to be. There’s a lesson of acceptance in there somewhere (love the person, not their looks) but for the most part we’re all in agreement that this is actually just really creepy, right?

So, with all of our calculations and Glee’s ability to tell us what’s going to happen in a plot several episodes before it comes to light, we’ve deduced that the person with whom Ryder is chatting is one (or more) of the following people (in no particular order):

Catfish No.1 – The Librarian


Yes, don’t rule out pedophilia here, folks! Glee has moved to 9 p.m. on Thursdays so ALL LIMITS ARE OFF! We joke about this (the librarian, not pedophilia) only because when we heard all the typing going on the first thing we see when Ryder looks around is the librarian looking down through her bifocals as if she were chatting! It had most of us laughing and just to cover our bases, we’re throwing the librarian into the mix!

Catfish No.2 – Jake


You can’t rule out Jake amidst everything that is going on between him and Ryder. Katie randomly asked Ryder if he’s over Marley yet. Ryder paused for a second before admitting that he’s “starting to feel like maybe [he’s] kinda moved on.” Earlier in the episode Jake suggests to Marley that they “ice him out.” Marley says no, and that he can continue being pissed at Ryder but she’s not going to just shut him out of her life. Jake says, “It’s you and me against the world…especially Ryder. I mean I thought he was a good dude but…just not a friend.” We could totally see Jake setting up some sort of elaborate plan to shut Ryder out so he can be 100% certain he has Marley to himself. We don’t know the context here, but check out Marley’s freakout at Jake in the preview for next week’s episode of Glee, “Guilty Pleasures.” Does this confrontation have something to do with Jake being katie_xoxo?

Also, there’s a part of us that hopes Jake secretly wants to be Ryder’s boyfriend and this is all just setup for that!

Catfish No.3 – Unique


Unique is probably the most convincing guess if you consider the happenings of the episode. We saw a lot of Ryder/Unique storyline. It started off with the performance (where Unique puts her hand on Ryder only to have him shy away), followed by an intervention with Artie where he tried to get the two of them to come to terms with the fact that Unique identifies as a girl, and then ultimately Ryder admitting that he doesn’t understand what Unique is going through but he supports her (followed by tears from Unique). Could we possibly have a romantic interest for Unique? Does she secretly have a crush on Ryder and doesn’t know how to deal with it considering all the confusion from this episode? Let’s face it: probably. But, remember, with Glee “anything can happen.”

Catfish No.4 – Lauren Zizes


Remember that time Lauren came back to Glee season 4 (“Sadie Hawkins”) for a hot minute and then disappeared? We’re wondering if this was a way to remind the Glee audience that she is indeed still at McKinley, thus giving more credit to when she finally does reveal herself as katie_xoxo. With Lauren being pretty much the opposite of katie_xoxo in every physical way, we could see the revelation of the online chatter being her in an effort to maximize contrast. It’s worth noting that a lot of the storylines on the MTV series “Catfish” deal with the dramatic differences in appearance, particularly weight, from the perceived persona versus the actual person. Beiste told Lauren, Sugar and all the other wallflowers to go out and get what you want and “Always remember: the worst he could say is ‘no.'” Maybe Lauren has a crush on Ryder and took these words a little too far? We can see the Glee promo now: “In 400 weeks when Glee returns: yes, Lauren is physically very different than katie_xoxo, but her personality is the same. What should Ryder do?”

Catfish No.5 – Will Schuester


With Finn out of the picture, Will’s going to need a new high-school-student-best-friend and since everyone, including us and Emma, can’t stand him, he has to find some way of luring Ryder in, right?! Plus you can’t get much more Catfish-themed than having your hot Internet girlfriend be your creepy choir teacher!

Who do you think the secret catfish is in Ryder’s life? Do all signs point to someone we didn’t mention? Have any dark horse contenders? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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