4:15 pm EST, November 25, 2014

‘Girls’ season 4 poster: Nowhere to grow but up

Take a look at the first promotional poster for Girls season 4, which returns to HBO on January 11, 2015.

The Girls season 4 poster is much less wild than last year’s season 3 after party, but it manages to convey the tone of the season. Moving forward from the wild parties, dud jobs, and the fallout that followed the end of the partying in season 3, season 4 is all about the girls’ step away from their unsustainable lifestyles.

Girls Season 4 Poster

As the ring leader, and focal point of the series, it is important for Girls to introduce new adventures and events for Hannah to tackle with each season. While the poster may suggest that each of the girls will be looking “grow up,” the trailers do little to enforce that Marnie, Jessa, and Shosh are close to exploring a new option this season. Marnie is following her misguided career as a bar musician, flirting with her otherwise engaged music partner. Jessa still does not have a solid life plan in any way shape or form. Shosh is the most likely to discover what it means to “grow up” with the introduction of her parents this season. The key to her future may need to throw her into her past.

But as much fun as the side trips down the other paths may be, at the end of the day this is Hannah’s story. If she is looking up and beyond the worn out wonders that Brooklyn captured during her early 20s, the second half of her story should follow suit and take her away from that. For the first part of the 10-episode season, Hannah will find herself at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop.

She will not be moving away completely untethered to her past in Brooklyn. Elijah will keep her anchored, and Adam remains in the picture, but she will have to welcome another group of critics to challenge her writing. That is perhaps the most personal part of her life and will require her to grow the most. Will the fresh air and new eyes on her writing send her running back to NYC as quickly as the corporate world of GQ sent her back to Ray’s coffee shop? For Hannah’s development as a character, hopefully not.

As Adam toasts in the trailer, here’s to Hannah “taking the next step in a series of random steps!”

Girls returns to HBO on January 11, 2015.

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