Girls returns tonight with an all new episode! Check out our preview and learn where to catch up below.

Girls goes up against another award show with their season 3 penultimate episode, “Flo.” As Hannah’s family gathers to say goodbye to her maternal grandmother, tensions among her female relatives flare.

Previously on ‘Girls’

Last week, Adam’s big break finally arrives and he prepares to join the Broadway world. A new friend, Desi, makes an impression on Hannah’s friends, but leaves her feeling a bit isolated from Adam’s future. Assuring her that he is not going to lose himself to the indulgences of the theater world, Adam and Hannah’s trust may be enough to carry them through.

Jessa, on the other hand, is placing her trust in the wrong kind of people. After reuniting with Jasper from her rehab facility, Jessa gets high, steals petty cash from her job for drugs, and finds herself in a rundown hotel room. Meanwhile, Marnie begins to discover the repercussions of her hostile attitude towards Ray.

This week on ‘Girls’

Hannah’s mother calls to inform her that her grandmother is dying. Returning home to visit grandma Flo and the rest of her family, Hannah is on the receiving end of a few brutally honest opinions of her family. The place Hannah holds herself in compared to the rest of her family’s opinion shakes her foundation a little bit.

Check out our full recap from last week, and be sure to check back for our recap following tonight’s episode. With only one more to go in season 3, it looks like everyone’s promising beginnings start to live up to the slogan, “Happily Whatever After.”

Watch Girls season 3, episode 11 “Flo” tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET on HBO

If you miss the episode due to the Oscars broadcast, you can watch it again at 12:00 a.m. ET on HBO.

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