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A ‘Gilmore Girls’ Netflix revival wishlist: What we want to see

It’s happening, no one panic. (Yeah, right.)

This is not a drill. Good thing we’ve always got our Gilmore Girls wishlist ready.

Yes, a Gilmore Girls revival is coming to Netflix and yes, we’re still freaking out. The Gilmore Girls Netflix revival will give us four fast-talking, pop culture-filled, coffee-fuelled 90-minute episodes. That’s 360 minutes of Gilmore goodness. Thats six whole hours of brand new Gilmore Girls. Praise Netflix for they are the most benevolent gods.

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According to TV Line, the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival will see a time jump from the end of the original series of approximately eight years, to bring us up to the present day. What would we like to see in the Gilmore Girls revival? Well, we’re glad you asked.

An appropriate tribute to Edward Herrmann

gilmore girls revival netflix

Let’s start with the serious. The Gilmore Girls family suffered a huge blow last year when the world lost Edward Herrmann. He had an illustrious career, but it was as the Gilmore patriarch Richard that Herrmann captured the hearts of the younger generations. There is no other way to get around Herrmann’s absence than for Richard to die; anything else would be a disservice to Herrmann himself. A beautiful tribute to him was shown at the ATX Gilmore Girls panel, now we need to see it on the show.

How it could work: One way to honor Herrmann’s impact on Gilmore Girls would be to kick off the Netflix revival just after his death. Although shows like The West Wing have honored deceased cast members by writing a funeral into the show, such a scene would likely be too difficult for both the cast and the audience, and too heavy for Gilmore Girls. Instead, the revival could start a few months after the funeral. Perhaps rather than staying in their house by herself, Emily has decided to downsize. Selling the house would be a perfect opportunity for the family to reunite and celebrate their memories of Richard in a nostalgic, positive manner. Which leads us to…

A new start for Emily

gilmore girls revival netflix

Poor Kelly Bishop has her work cut out for her when she returns for the Gilmore Girls revival. Bishop and Herrmann’s natural chemistry made Emily and Richard Gilmore one of the most believable couples on TV. But while the imagined history that the pair brought to their onscreen relationship made for excellent viewing, it will also make it that much harder for Bishop to shoulder this emotional burden. Emily the widow will certainly be a very different Emily from the character that we remember, and it won’t all be sunshine and rainbows.

How it could work: One way for Emily to move on after Richard’s death would be for her to downsize. And if Emily sells the house, where could she go? Hypable’s Kristen Kranz has an idea: Emily could move to Stars Hollow! It would make sense for Emily to want to move closer to her girls after losing her husband, and would inject a healthy dose of new tension into the Gilmore family dynamic. The Gilmores were at their most interesting when forced together, and with Rory likely living further away for her work, this would allow the show to explore how Lorelai and Emily’s rocky relationship might work without Richard or Rory to smooth the way.

No more Luke and Lorelai drama

gilmore girls revival netflix

We don’t just want this, we need it. We suffered through years of angst and will-they-won’t-they with Lorelai and Luke on Gilmore Girls, now we want to see them settled. Sure, our love birds will have their moments of conflict, but we don’t want to see real danger of a break up. The Gilmore Girls series finale proved that this pair were in it for the long run. The Netflix revival could see them several years into their relationship, offering a brand new side of Lorelai. We have seen plenty of Lorelai’s dating life throughout Gilmore Girls, but thanks to complications (ahem, April) she never quite got to the next stage. Let’s give her the chance.

How it could work: If the Gilmore Girls time jump moves us several years past Richard’s death, what other event could throw all of the Gilmores back together again? Why a wedding, of course. After all of their previous difficulties, we wouldn’t be surprised if Luke and Lorelai decided that their wedding was cursed, and it was best to avoid one all together. But Richard’s death would certainly throw things into perspective, and might give these two the impetus to finally tie the knot (I know, I know, Sex and the City is calling for their plot back). But whatever else happens, this Gilmore Girls revival needs to end with Luke and Lorelai firmly and happily together.

Rory finding happiness without a man

gilmore girls revival netflix

We love Rory. Everyone loves Rory. But more often than not, Rory’s Gilmore Girls conflict was based in her relationships. From Dean, to Tristan (ha, remember him?), to Jess, to Marty, to Logan, Rory was never long without a boy, and power to her. But Gilmore Girls wrapped up with Rory exploring life solo, and we would like to see the Netflix revival really proving that Rory’s life is complete without a man on her arm, no matter how delicious that man-candy looks.

How it could work: If we forget about the boys, Rory’s other driving force was always her journalistic aspiration. After more than a few false starts, it seemed when we left her that Rory was really on her way to achieving her goal. And of course after landing her dream job on the campaign trail, she could have ridden Barack Obama’s campaign all the way to the White House. After the time jump, that would make her a reasonably seasoned White House reporter by now. After her initial stumbles, we want to see Rory kicking ass at work. And we’ll take a few more of those All The President’s Men-esque newsroom walk-and-talks that we first glimpsed at the Yale Daily News too, thanks.

…but if she wants a man, it’s Team Jess all the way

gilmore girls revival revival netflix

Yeah okay, you can debate about the merits of Logan and Dean in the comments. But obviously all of those merits are wrong, because Jess is objectively the best and only guy for Rory (it would just feel cheap to introduce a new boy this late in the game). Jess wasn’t a good fit at the start, but when he returned in season 6 it was clear that he had grown into the kind of man who would challenge Rory, who knew Rory, and who matched Rory. Logan Schmogan, if creator Amy Sherman-Palladino had stuck around for the final series we’re pretty sure Jess and Rory would have been endgame.

How it could work: Just as the original series started with Rory’s acceptance to Chilton and the commencement of Friday Night Dinners, something big will need to spark the Gilmore Girls revival. A wedding between Luke and Lorelai would be the perfect incentive for Jess to return to town. Or, maybe he would come to offer moral support following Richard’s death. Or, Jess might publish Rory’s brilliant debut book. Or hell, with Luke and Lorelai in a happy relationship, he might just swing by for a visit with a dog-eared copy of Howl. The how doesn’t matter so much, because we all know the end result will be Rory and Jess, blissfully happy and riding off into the sunset in a mobile library, or whatever.

A very happy ending for everyone else

gilmore girls revival netflix

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten your other favorites. We might only be getting four episodes, but that’s plenty of time to catch up with everyone. And we do mean everyone. A large part of the Gilmore Girls joy came from seeing what the occupants of Stars Hollow were up to that week, and what vendetta Paris (or Taylor) was on, and what job Kirk was currently working. As the revival is Amy Sherman-Palladino’s chance to finish the show the way she wants, we imagine she will want to give closure to as many characters as possible.

How it could work: We need to see Sookie and Jackson and their now teenage (!!!) children. We need to see Zack and Lane balancing life with the twins with their rock and roll lifestyle (Brian and Mrs Kim will be nannying, naturally). We need to see Paris literally ruling the world; maybe after dabbling with law and medicine she has finally realized that the world of politics is her calling, and now is working inside the White House (she and Rory would have a very combative The West Wing-style relationship). And Kirk and Taylor and Miss Patty will be continuing on as they always have: strangely, obtusely, and fabulously, respectively.

And finally…those final four words

gilmore girls revival netflix

As all Gilmore Girls tragics know, the mind behind the madness, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, left the show before the final season. The same writers continued on, but while the tone remained the same we missed out on Sherman-Palladino’s direction for the characters. And we missed out on the final four words which Sherman-Palladino has continued to tease us with year, after year, after year. But Sherman-Palladino has had the final four words of the show planned from the beginning, and this will be the last chance for us to hear them.

How it could work: Just give us the damn words, Amy.

What is on YOUR ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival wishlist?

That’s our list, but let us know what’s on yours. And now, recommencing freakout.

gilmore girls revival
gilmore girls revivial

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