See the newest Game of Thrones season 3 trailer, and read an interview with Kit Harington (Jon Snow) where he talks about filming with a broken ankle.

This promo shows even more of that epic dragon shot we’ve glimpsed in previous trailers. Tyrion examines his new scars, and Cersei tells him that the war will continue until all their enemies have been dealt with.

Tyrion sets up the season by stating, “Seven kingdoms united in fear of Tywin Lannister.” But meanwhile up North, a new threat is coming. “The Night’s Watch can’t stop them. Kings and their armies can’t stop them,” someone (Jojen Reed?) says, and Stannis Baratheon adds, “the darkness will devour them all, unless I triumph.”

Both Daenerys and Joffrey demonstrate their power (in different ways), while Robb and Catelyn strategise on how to defeat the Lannisters. “If we don’t do this and do it now,” Robb says, “we’re lost.”

What an epic trailer, right?!

In related news, Kit Harington has spoken to EW about breaking his ankle trying to break into his own house, and how he dealt with shooting the action scenes in season 3.

Although the producers were really great about it, “I’m sure they were cursing my name behind my back,” he allows, as it meant pushing back the Iceland shoots a couple of weeks and using stand-ins for some scenes. “I bought the line producer a nice bottle of whiskey because I felt so guilty,” he says.

As for what we can expect from Jon Snow this season, Harington previews that, “he’s having to become a spy to go amongst Mance’s camp and find out when they’re planning to attack. He has to convince the Wildlings that he’s not a spy, that he doesn’t want to be part of the Night’s Watch anymore. He faces a lot of suspicion. He has to continue to prove himself.” On top of all this, there are “other tests” which will make Jon question his allegiance to the Night’s Watch. Could this be his feelings for Ygritte? We’ll have to wait and see!

Game of Thrones season 3 premieres March 31 at 9/8c on HBO.

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