4:26 pm EDT, July 21, 2017

‘Game of Thrones’ panel at San Diego Comic-Con: See trailer, panel recap

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our coverage will be reduced. We can't wait to get back to serving you all of the latest fandom news as soon as we can.

Winter has come to San Diego Comic-Con, and we’re live-blogging the epic Game of Thrones panel!

Though Game of Thrones has long been one of Comic-Con’s most popular attractions, this year marks the first time that a panel will coincide with the show’s run.

Ordinarily, the epic HBO series begins airing in April, and has concluded buy the time Comic-Con roles around. But Game of Thrones season 7 kicked off in epic fashion just last week, and with six episodes left to the season, cast and crew have plenty to discuss.

The season premiere, “Dragonstone,” laid the groundwork for what to expect from the shortened season. Sansa and Jon sparred verbally at Winterfell, while Cersei surveyed her enemies and made an alliance with Euron Greyjoy (much to Jaime’s consternation.) The Hound found religious enlightenment (no, seriously!), Arya took care of business at the Twins, and of course, Daenerys returned home to Dragonstone.

With all of the pieces now seemingly in place, the cast of Game of Thrones should be able to drop a few hints about what’s to come! And maybe, just maybe, the crowds of Hall H will be graced with another brilliant blooper reel.

‘Game of Thrones’ SDCC 2017 liveblog

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2:38 PM: And that’s all she wrote, folks! Thanks for following along!

2:35 PM: New promo! Dany says she was born to be Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Cersei says “the Mad King’s daughter will destroy the realm.” Jon and his councilors argue about allying with her.

Then Littlefinger joins the action with one of his famous (and famously nonsensical) voice-overs. “Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend,” he tells Sansa. “Every possible series of events in happening all at once.

Finally, Melisandre approaches Dany in her throne room. “I believe you have a role to play,” she says. “As does another.”

The crowd goes wild!

2:33 PM: Kristian Nairn says it was an honor and the cast leaves. “Hodor!” he says.”

2:30 PM: Parents make a kid ask what the cast’s favorite scene was of season 6.

Liam says Battle of the Bastards, and marvels at the accomplishment of creating something beautiful and different. Isaac says it was the beautiful tragedy of Hodor’s death — no offense, Kristian. Jacob loved seeing Dany and Yara make their treaty and mimes their handshake with Sophie. “The women are going to own this shit,” he says.

2:29 PM: A fan wearing an “I drink and have forgotten things” shirt pretends to have forgotten his question, and then asks Gwendolyn what Tormund could do to get in Brienne’s chainmail.

Gwendolyn talks about miutual respect and caring. “And you thinks that’s going to happen with Tormund?” Liam asks.

“Well, it’s not gonna happen with you!” she says.

2:26 PM: The Night King tries to ask a question, and no one can hear it. “Are you looking forward to rising again as the children of the cold?” “We don’t have much choice in the matter, do we?” says Liam. “I didn’t know the Night King was Californian!”

“Hey, I’m from Philadelphia,” the King says.

2:25 PM: Audience member offers up her son as a replacement brother for Sansa. “Can I be a Stark?” he asks. Sophie grants his request.

Sophie also notes that there is a lot of sexism involved in the assumption of Jon’s leadership. “He’s the military man, she’s the politician, but I think they both need to realize that they need to start working together.”

2:23 PM: Audience member – Gwendolyn, who’s crazier, Star Wars or Game of Thrones fans?

Gwendolyn says the passion is equal. Star Wars gives a sense of hope and coming home, as so many loved it as kids. She marvels at how Game of Thrones feels the same way even though it’s a new property.

2:21 PM: Audience member – have there been any costume problems? Nathalie has been sewn into her costume, which is a problem when you have to pee. Conleth and Liam joke that there is a line to cut Nathalie out of her costume, ha ha I guess.

Kristian relishes in the memory of how his costume smelled like his childhood pigpen after six years.

2:18 PM: Would you want to be a rom-com, comedy, or musical next?

Sophie – “I feel like Game of Thrones incorporates rom-com and musical… I’m not sure I could do comedy after all this. I’m in a very dark place in my life.”

Alfie would love nothing more than to be in a rom-com. Says he wants to direct as well.

Gwendolyn wants to do a gender-bending song-and-dance musical. Kristian asks if she can sing. “The jury’s out… but I hear they can do all sorts of technology these days.

“I’d like to be in Game of Thrones: The Comedy Rom-Com Musical.” Kristian offers to do it with him.
John played Potiphar in a musical in school, and he’d love to reprise the role on the London stage… even though he can’t sing.

Liam says he’s with Peter Dinklage, who thinks the final episode of Game of Thrones should be a musical. “Let’s finish with a high-kicking number around the throne!”

Conleth – “I’m happy to take a rest… I’ve done it all. Goodnight.”

Jacob says he just wants to do hard things — and wants a side-show with Grey Worm and Pod and Daario to travel the world.

“The HBO spinoff has already been decided. It’s going to be called “Better Call Davos!” Liam interjects.

Nathalie loves musicals and wants to write and be behind the camera too. Kristian is obsessed the idea with a Borg-Game of Thrones musical.

2:10 PM: Who would you wish had not been killed?

Gwendolyn- Hodor and Catelyn Stark.

Alfie – Khal Drogo.

Conleth – “Catelyn and you.” “Oh, you don’t have to say that.” “Okay, not you,” Conleth says.

Jacob – “I’m still hurting about Ned!” and wants to hold one up for Barristan.

Sophie – Joffrey! She misses working with Jack Gleeson.

Liam – “My baby girl Shireen! That still hurts, big time.”

Nathalie – Hodor!

John – “The legitimate answer is Robb Stark.” Also wishes they hadn’t killed Jon Snow, “just to save us having to talk about it every five minutes for a year.” He and Kristian commiserate over that crappy year.

Isaac – “You be very careful!” says Kristian. “Summer the direwolf!” says Isaac.

2:09 PM: Isaac relates how Bran is now all-knowing, and has access to experiencing all of history. “If that’s not one of the deepest and most interesting realm there is, I’m not sure what is.”

2:07 PM: John muses on how Jon saves Sam, and how he wanted to save Gilly in return. “Jon snow was everything to Sam, and now they’ve gone they’re separate paths,” he says. He knows he can’t stand shoulder to shoulder with Jon on the battlefield — “The Citadel is his battlefield.” Sam’s goal is to repay his debt with knowledge. “Fingers crossed he does just that, right?” says John.

2:05 PM: Nathalie, should Dany have made Missandei her Hand instead of Tyrion?

Nathalie would love that, but “Tyrion knows the enemy… Missandei has come from a completely different world… I think Tyrion is probably the better candidate for Hand, and I fully support him in that role.” But she notes that it would be awesome to be the Hand to your bestie.

2:02 PM: Does Sansa retain any of her ideas about love, marriage, and being happy? Or does she think all men are awful now?

“She’s not really looking for a relationship or love at the moment,” Sophie says. “She’s always on the search for happiness, but she doesn’t see the world through rose-tinted lenses anymore.” Sansa, she says, doesn’t just see men in a different light, but the world in a different light. “She’s woke, guys, she’s real woke. She trusts no one, either man or woman or family member.”

2:01 PM: On Sophie’s prompting, he sings “Calm your nerves! Calm your nerves!” to the tune of Adelweiss.

2:00 PM: Jacob Anderson talks about his music. It should be noted that he’s wearing a Spider-Man tee-shirt, and says he’s nervous, and is generally adorable.

1:59 PM: Conleth, what scares Varys?

“I think the economic outlook,” he jokes. Says that the Red Preistess really freaked him out, as well as the words from the sorcerer. He fears he may be holding a door like Hodor.

“My advice for holding a door is, don’t,” says Kristian.

1:58 PM: Gwendolyn gives an eloquent answer to a question about strength. Kristian says she can be his queen.

1:54 PM: What would be the first law you pass if you won the Iron Throne?

Gwendolyn – That women could be knights,

Alfie – That everyone can be revived by Beric’s gang

Conleth – That comic-cons are free!

Jacob – Free puppies for everyone, and he wants a unicorn-making machine.

Sophie – “The first thing that comes to mind is unlimited carbohydrates.”

Davos – Free Dornish wine for everyone!

Nathalie – Language lessons for everyone and universal education.

John – “How about, Maesters have to clean out their own stinking chamber pots?”

Isaac – All the characters who film in the cold places get to holiday somewhere warm!

Kristian – “I would make it illegal for one person to mount another and be carried.”

“I’m glad you finished that sentence,” says Liam.

1:52 PM: Kristian asks Isaac what’s up with the Three-Eyed raven. He says it’s one of the few remains of the old Westerosi magic. His purpose hasn’t been revealed yet, but since the Night King is his sworn enemy, he must be important.

“So you don’t know,” Kristian says.

1:51 PM: Kristian asks Isaac if he misses him. Isaac says it’s been “empty” without him. Audience collectively “Aw”s.

1:50 PM: John notes that Sam is now just as much of an “outsider” in the Citadel as he ever was. He thinks Sam will find value in being loved by Gilly and the baby, rather than accepted by many.

1: 46 PM: Seated between Sophie and Nathalie, Liam Cunningham refers to himself as “the rose between two thorns.” Davos would kill Melisandre if the opportunity arose, but he’s not exactly Arya. He’d kill Mel with a Glock, duh.

1:46 PM: Kristian asks Sophie if Sansa is being manipulated by Littlefinger, or playing the long game. “Initially there was definite manipulation on LittlefingerF’s part,” she acknowledges, but “She’s been silently absorbing and learning and adapting, and in my opinion, she’s just as good as he is at playing the game at this point.”

1:45 PM: Jacob Anderson wants Missandei and Grey Worm to get together. “Everything’s always sad!” he says. Says Dany would do their wedding. “She’d be involved– not INVOLVED.” (Kristian says we’d all watch THAT show.)

1:44 PM: Kristian accuses Conleth Hill of making the cast laugh on set. He denies any involvement, and says that the cast makes him laugh.

1:43 PM: Alfie’s puppy’s name is Abby. The entire hall has melted.

1:42 PM: Gwendolyn says she’s not into Tormund “but underneath any awkwardness is always that potential secret enjoyment.” She asks the crowd if she likes Tormund… or someone else. The crowd screams for Jaime.

1:40 PM: Isaac Hempstead-Wright, John Bradley, Nathalie Emmanuel (in a cape and blue lipstick!) Liam Cunningham, Sophie Turner, Jacob Anderson, Conleth Hill, Alfie Allen (WITH A PUPPY!), and Gwendolyn Christie come onstage.

1:39 PM: “These are the people I’ve worked with for six years on what I think is the greatest show ever created.”

1:38 PM: Kristian Nairn comes out to greet the crowd! “Hodor,” he begins.

1:36 PM: Airing the season trailer now!

1:35 PM: Still waiting…

1:25 PM: Waiting for event to start…

Game of Thrones season 7, episode 2, “Stormborn,” airs Sunday, July 23 at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.

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