Jack Gleeson speaks out about his character’s horrendous behaviour on Game of Thrones. Beware of season 2 spoilers.

Gleeson previews what Joffrey will get up to in season 2, telling EW:

I kind of rebel against [Cersei]. I’m changing up the design of the Throne Room and kind of throw my toys all over the floor.

Series creator Dan Weiss also speaks about Jack Gleeson, assuring fans that he’s really not like Joffrey at all:

Jack’s the nicest person on earth probably and is so thoughtful; he’s funny, he’s decent to people. And yet he has this unfailing sense of what the most horrible person in the world would be like and how he would say a line — because he always gets it right.

There’s no doubt that Jack Gleeson is a fantastic actor, as Joffrey is easily one of the most memorable characters on the show!

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