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‘Galavant’s’ Joshua Sasse and Karen David talk pop songs and best moments with Hypable

Galavant stars Joshua Sasse (Galavant) and Karen David (Isabella) make their musical debut this Sunday on ABC, and we talked with the couple about their time on the show.

We called Joshua and Karen to discuss Galavant, the newest comedy from ABC, and they’re in love with it as much as we are. With talent like theirs and the genius of Alan Menken behind the keys, Galavant comes together as a brilliant half hour comedy.

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Check out our interview below:

When asked about what their initial reaction was when they were first told about Galavant, Joshua Sasse said: “We all fell in love with it because our initial reaction was ‘what the hell is this?’ We hadn’t seen anything like this before, and not only do we have the comedic start of [creator] Dan Foeglman’s writing but matched that with the music of Alan Menkan and Glen Slater, so it was like ‘what, whoa, huh, what’s going on?’ And that was great because we knew we had something completely different to begin with and that, as an actor, an artist, is what you want – to do something that hasn’t been done before. That was the big draw for a lot of us.”

David added, “it was twenty-three minutes of reading something so special, it’s never been done before. If you could see me [it was like] I was a little girl reading this fairy tale story, my eyes were getting bigger, bigger in excitement. And then when I came across the role of Isabella, Dan had described his dream girl to play Isabella as Jennifer Lawrence and I was like ‘Wha?’ I called my agent and said ‘He wants Jennifer Lawrence and the last time I looked in a mirror I don’t look anything like her!’ Fortunately Dan said I was his brown Jennifer Lawrence, so that’s good!”

She continued, “to be part of something so special and work with this amazing cast and crew on this, as they say, epic journey of comedic proportions with the guest stars that we have like Rutger Hauer, Ricky Gervais and John Stamos, ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, it doesn’t get any better.”

Commenting on the comedy of the show, Sasse said “it doesn’t get much better. We had the whole crew in hysterics, rolling around; we probably shot more outtakes than we did the show. And then we had the advisers coming and working with us, [and] we knew we had something because they were coming in in hysterics. Ricky Gervais was in the wings and he was just wetting himself with tears streaming down his face. And I was like ‘Okay if we could make Ricky Gervais laugh then we’re onto something.'”

We also asked the couple to pick one thing about the show that would excite audiences most, and they couldn’t pinpoint any one aspect. “I think they’re going to watch it and they’re going to be bombarded with a million things they’ve never seen before,” Sasse said.

“Often when people watch [Galavant], like friends and colleagues who’ve seen it, when they see it the first time their eyes kind of [get big, with their brows furrowed] and they’re like ‘What?’ They don’t know what’s going on, and every minute they’re getting hit with another slapstick, sort of tongue-in-cheek joke they’re totally not expecting and then this beautiful song comes out of nowhere. It’s kind of magical to see something like this because there hasn’t been anything like it before, so it’s difficult to sort of tell people what to expect because I can’t pick.”

David added, “It’s a wonderful assault on the senses on every level. The stuff they have us doing [is interesting] – dancing with horses, and [to Sasse] lots of sword fighting for you, and Isabella when you tossed me over your shoulders, things like that.” Sasse added on, saying “I mean if you want to watch something that’s completely new, that’s a good reason to tell people.”

Finally, we were curious about what pop song their characters would love had they been in our world instead of the middle ages. David was able to quickly come up with something, saying that it would be from a band called Starship, from the ’80s. “I just think with Isabella, Galavant and Sid’s journey together initially, it would be that song ‘Nothing’s Gunna Stop Us.'”

Here’s the song in case you’re curious:

Sasse couldn’t pick one, joking he only listens to medieval music. Although David did mention he likes do random jazz songs in between takes when filming, so we’re just going to assume that’s what Galavant would also be doing.

Watch ‘Galavant’ this Sunday!

Galavant premieres this Sunday, January 4 on ABC at 8:00 p.m. eastern. And if you can’t catch it live be sure to set your DVRs to record, because you won’t want to miss it.

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