11:00 am EDT, November 1, 2012

From the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 set: First look at Daario and Missandei

Game of Thrones is busy shooting season 3 right now, and you can check out some set pictures showing Ed Skrein and Nathalie Emmanuel in costume.

Fans have been busy during the summer and fall seasons, sneaking onto the different Game of Thrones sets in Europe and snapping pictures of things we’re sure the producers wouldn’t want us to see. And as such, we have been very selective in what we’ve chosen to post here on Hypable.

But these amazing stills from the Moroccan set of season 3 have been posted online by Swedish kickboxer (and now actor) Rickard Nordstrand, who has been tweeting about his experience as one of the Unsullied soldiers (and that’s all we’ll say about them) that appear in the third season:

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It should come as no surprise to fans who have not read A Storm of Swords that this set and these characters appear as part of Daenerys’ season 3 arc (if nothing else, the presence of Emilia Clarke in the pictures gives it away!). We see some beautiful sets and a few familiar faces (Ser Jorah, for one), but these images also give us our first looks at two highly anticipated characters that will make their debut this season: Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Daario Naharis (Ed Skrein).

For book fans, neither of these characters will need an introduction. For TV fans, we almost don’t want to introduce them too well, but we can at least point out a few obvious differences between their on-screen and book characters.

For one, Missandei is supposed to be much younger than Emmanuel, but the change of age makes sense – not only because the show has made a habit of aging up the young characters, but because the show, unlike the books, killed off both of Dany’s remaining handmaidens in season 3. Missandei will need to fill that void.

Daario, meanwhile, has had his physical look toned down from the extravagance of his appearance in the ASoIaF series, much like Jaqen H’ghar last season. In the novels, Daario has his hair and beard dyed blue, with a golden mustache and tooth. We don’t particularly mind this change for the series; the cities Dany moves through are visually very colourful and extravagant to read about, but on screen, that could potentially have played off as silly.

What do you think about these great new images from season 3? Are you excited for the next part of Dany’s story?

Note: For people desperate to avoid spoilers, be wary of Nordstrand’s Twitter account, as he describes a pivotal scene which they are filming in one of the pictures… even if it is in Swedish.

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