In short video interviews, ​Fringe​ stars Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and Blair Brown talk about season 5 so far and the shocking Observer Peter twist.

Fox has released these three videos showing the actors’ reactions to recent big developments:

Anna Torv talks about Olivia’s reaction to seeing Peter slowly slipping away from her. She says that while she can justify his behaviour to herself, Olivia “still feels like she’s losing him again,” though she doesn’t know what’s really going on with him.

Joshua Jackson says that Peter didn’t really know what would happen when he put the Observer chip into his head, but now he finds himself enjoying his new powers – and he starts down “what becomes a dark path very quickly.”

Finally, Blair Brown talks about how Nina Sharp is a keeper of important information, and how important she is for the Fringe team because she knows things that they need to know. It is a role which Brown is particularly interested in playing because as she says, women don’t usually get to play that.

Sadly there’s no new Fringe this Friday, as the show is on a short Thanksgiving hiatus. Episode 5×08 “The Human Kind” airs Friday, December 7 at 9/8c on Fox. Check out the promo and episode description, and don’t forget that you can join in on the discussion about the fifth and final season over on the Hypable forums.

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