One of Fox’s top executives is touting a very exciting rest of season 3 that will set up something special for Glee‘s season 4, according to sources. is reporting that Dana Walden, co-chairman of 20th Century Fox Television, had this to say at this week’s TV Academy Foundation Summit:

“It’s exciting and is driving towards graduation and an exciting end to the season,”

Walden also says that the final couple of episodes of this season are “exciting” and “funny,” and to expect “a very powerful finale when viewers get to see what’s on the horizon for all of these characters that people love so deeply. We’re [building to] a very exciting launch into next season.”

When asked about season 4, Walden was pretty vague, but said that fans should expect great things:

“I see it as a continuation of Glee. I don’t define it in any one way or another. It feels like Glee to me. The ideas that Ryan [Murphy]‘s discussed with me feel consistent with this amazing series. It feels very consistent in a dynamic and entertaining way.”

Glee returns on April 10th, with the season finale set to air on May 22nd.

What are your thoughts on the rest of season 3 and on season 4?

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