12:30 pm EDT, June 28, 2016

The 5 stages of forgetting your Pottermore password

Pottermore is ready to sort you into your Ilvermorny house! But where is that pesky Pottermore password? Why isn’t there a spell for this yet!

Everyone is getting sorted into their Ilvermorny houses. Thunderbird, Horned Serpent, Wampus, and Pukwudgies rise among your Twitter and Facebook feeds. Identity crises are unfolding all across the internet for everyone. Except you. Why? Because you lost your Pottermore password (but at least we no longer have to remember our randomly-created usernames).

You’ve been to the homepage, submitted your “Forgotten Password” request and now you wait for the moment when you too can log into the site and begin your sorting quiz. What unfolds in those tense five minutes of bouncing between refreshing your email and watching the results roll in may go a little something like this!



Pottermore releases its Ilvermorny sorting quiz! Password, password, someone give me a password!



Why is everyone smarter than me? I cannot believe that ALL of these people saved their passwords! There is no way! The password retrieval system must not like that I have now asked for this log in information 150 times.

Look at everyone flaunting their new houses, getting into fights! Why can’t that be me?



Now I’ve read all the descriptions for the houses and I know the houses I cannot be sorted into. What if I get Thunderbird? Or Pukwudgie? Wait, which one is like Hufflepuff again? I just know I cannot be whichever one is like Slytherin.



You know what, this new material isn’t for me. I am happy with my Hogwarts house and simple life. Who needs a North American school anyway? Let everyone else worry about what it means to be a Horned Serpent. Besides I don’t have any more room in my closet for another house shirt.



THE RESET PASSWORD LINK IS HERE! Forget it, I need to know! Now, let’s see, “Which jinx would I never want cast upon me?”

Did you struggle with your Pottermore password?

Looks like we weren’t the only ones on the strugglebus:

⚡️ Pottermore releases Ilvermorny sorting quiz

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