Ready to get a taste of Howard Shore’s work for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey? A track was released today!

Entitled “Radagast the Brown,” the song begins with a beautiful choir and then picks up pace with a set of strings. Radagast is one of the Wizards sent by Valar to help the the Elves and Men take on the Dark Lord Sauron. The composition appears in the film just before the middle, if we are to follow the official track listing.

The Hobbit‘s soundtrack was formally announced last week and detailed the entire list of songs you’ll hear when it is released December 11 (three days before the film hits theaters). “I have looked forward to returning to the imaginative world of Middle-earth for quite a while,” said Shore last week. “I read all of the books by Tolkien, including The Hobbit, when I was in my twenties, and his deep love of nature and all things green resonates deeply with me.”

There are two versions of An Unexpected Journey‘s soundtrack. A special edition includes several additional and extended songs.

Listen to The Hobbit‘s “Radagast the Brown” score below:

Composer Howard Shore also scored Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He’s expected to handle the next two Hobbit films as well.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens on December 14.

What do you think of our first ‘Hobbit’ soundtrack preview?

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