Following the teaser poster for Game of Thrones‘ third season, a very short video promo has been released. Check it out!

HBO has released this very brief trailer, showing the new logo with an intriguing voice-over:

Over the season 3 logo (cleverly using three swords to symbolise the third season, and the title of the book A Storm of Swords), a woman’s voice delivers the following words: “The great war is between death and life, ice and fire. If we lose, the night will never end.” We also see the return date for the show, which is March 31, 2013.

What do you think about the sentence used to tease season 3? It is very reminiscent of Melisandre’s words released ahead of season 2 (“the night is dark and full of terrors”), but in an interesting twist, this trailer seems to highlight the metaphorical (and maybe literal) conflict at the heart of the George R.R. Martin saga: that of ice versus fire.

But which side, exactly are the “we” the trailer mentions on? Which side has to win to prevent that the night will never end? And who, exactly, are on Team Ice and Team Fire (now there’s an idea for a t-shirt)?

Share your thoughts on the promo in the comments!

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