11:15 am EST, January 22, 2014

First details about ‘Teen Wolf’ season 4 emerge

No, you didn’t read that wrong. A new spoiler about Teen Wolf season 4 has landed online.

In a spoiler chat with E! Online, we learn that a new freshman will make his way to Beacon Hills in Teen Wolf season 4.

“A new freshman at Beacon Hills will be stirring up trouble,” the spoiler reads. “Or maybe we should say trouble will be looking for the handsome and cocky Liam, who has a big heart despite his bravado. Too bad he’s totally not going to be prepared for the supernatural storm he’s about to enter.”

This is our first spoiler of season 4 since it was announced back in October that the show was renewed for another year. Season 4 will revert back to its 12-episode structure, after testing out a 24-episode structure for season 3.

Although we have no idea what Teen Wolf season 4 will entail, we do know that Executive Producer Jeff Davis and his team are working hard writing the scripts for the next year in Beacon Hills. Liam sounds like he’ll be an interesting character, both confident and kind, who will be thrown into the supernatural world like much of our heroes have over the last three seasons.

Season 4 will presumably air this coming summer, though no date has been set. Shooting has yet to start, but will begin around mid-February.

In the meantime, season 3 is still going strong. We’re in the back half of the season now, as episode 15 just finished airing. By the time episode 24 rolls around to finish up this year’s story line, we’ll be hankering for season 4 details, and hopefully they’ll be coming in left and right!

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While you’re waiting for next week’s Teen Wolf to air at 10 p.m. on MTV, which is episode 16 “Illuminated,” be sure to read our recap of episode 15 and discuss it with fellow Teen Wolf fans. You can also watch the promo for episode 16, as well as a clip featuring Lydia at the black light party.

How excited are you to be getting ‘Teen Wolf’ season 4 news already?

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