11:10 am EDT, April 17, 2019

Final trailer for ‘Dark Phoenix’ shows off Jean Grey’s powers

The final trailer for Dark Phoenix is here, and it’s all about showing off Jean Grey’s newly supercharged powers.

The future may be unclear for X-Men movies in the wake of the Disney and Fox merger, but we still have one last, epic adventure to embark on with Professor Xavier and his gifted youngsters before that. In the final trailer for Dark Phoenix, we not only get a new look at the upcoming film, but we get the best look at this new, super-powerful version of Jean Grey (aka Phoenix).

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After coming into contact with an extraordinary cosmic force, Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) finds herself with power, unlike anything she’s ever known before. And it seems that while she may be initially set out to use this newfound strength for good, she’s having a bit too much fun using her strength to achieve whatever ends she wants.

It’s up to Professor X, Magneto, and the rest of the X-Men to either bring Jean back into the fold or take her out before she can hurt anyone. And from what we’ve heard about this film, not everyone is going to survive the events of Dark Phoenix.

But in addition to getting a better look at Jean’s newfound strength, we also get to see Jessica Chastain’s character a bit more clearly. We still don’t have her name, but the trailer does tell us that every time she’s used her powers, she’s killed whoever she was standing off against — except for Jean, that is.

Jean was on the road to becoming an incredibly strong force for good under the mentorship of Professor X, but this new mentor is going to take Jean down an incredibly dark and deadly path.

X-Men movies have frequently struggled to find their footing with both superhero movie fans and fans of the X-Men comics. However, the cast from the First Class era of X-Men has arguably managed to do the best job portraying the X-Men. While we’re excited to see what adventures await us in Dark Phoenix, it is sad to see the end of the First Class era of X-Men movies.

Of course, for now, we’re just going to focus on being excited for Dark Phoenix. The film will open in theaters on June 7.

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