7:00 pm EDT, August 28, 2014

Featured web series: ‘Storytellers’ is high-tension, imaginative storytelling

This week’s web series spotlight hits Storytellers, an epic six-episode supernatural drama produced by School of Thrones star Whitney Milam.

We are truly impressed by this week’s featured web series, which not only has a very professional look and feel, but also tells an intricate, layered story.

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Storytellers follows five teens who sit around a campfire and tell different parts of the same made-up story (or is it?). Every episode follows a different character, and builds on previous events. Without giving away too much of the series’ premise, we can say that it has more than a touch of the supernatural, and that it offers a lot of exciting plot twists!

Check out the first episode below, and you’ll immediately want to watch the remaining five:

Storytellers was conceived by YouTuber Joey Graceffa, and co-produced by Whitney Milam of School of Thrones and Hunger Games parody fame. Graceffa stars as Hunter, while Jake Thomas, Jessica Lu, Pierson Fode, Kristina Cole and Devyn Smith make up the rest of the main cast.

Skins fans might recognise the character-based format of the web series; the British teen drama also centers on one main character per episode. There are strong Supernatural vibes to this show, too, but it also has a lot of original ideas – in fact, while the dialogue does rely on a lot of Hollywood tropes, there are some awesome twists we’re pretty sure you won’t see coming.

The only small thing bringing Storytellers down is that sometimes both its plot and dialogue feel rushed. Obviously they are trying to tell a big story in a short amount of time, and it would be awesome to see the series and its characters expanded in a longer series, or even a movie.

Of course, its creators should be trying to get this show optioned for network TV (it’s certainly a good enough premise), but the story is also very suitable for comic book format!

Meanwhile, we’ll wait patiently for season 2. Like Storytellers on Facebook to find out more about the promising new web series!

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