Update: (October 16, 2017) Hypable originally published this article — originally filled with the 100 questions — in 2016.

Now that Fear the Walking Dead season 3 has finished airing, let’s look back at the questions we had a year ago and see what did and didn’t get answered.

  1. When will Madison accept Nick is fine on his own?
    Answer: Now! He’s finally free to fall apart!
  2. Will anyone ever care about Alicia?
    Answer: Ha, never. But now that she’s doing what she wants maybe she’ll at least be happy.
  3. Is she going to become the new Chris?
    Answer: No, thank goodness.
  4. fear-the-walking-dead-alicia-clark

  5. Will she be able to kill again?
    Answer: The real question is, ‘How many until she cracks?’
  6. What happened to Nick’s drug addiction?
    Answer: It’s back, baby! Sorry, it’s not a good thing. But it’s an accurate thing.
  7. Will Luciana die?
    Answer: Considering how quickly her character was dismissed from the narrative, she might as well be dead.
  8. Is Daniel alive?
    Answer: Yes!
  9. Where is Daniel?
    Answer: A dam. *insert Damn, Daniel joke*
  10. Will Strand run the hotel now?
    Answer: More like Strand ran from the hotel.
  11. What will Strand find hope in?
    Answer: His own ability to stay alive.
  12. fear-the-walking-dead-victor-strand

  13. Will he get back to his con artist ways?
    Answer: Of course. Does a dog bark at squirrels?
  14. Is Alex going to make another appearance?
    Answer: No. They just want to keep us wanting more.
  15. Why is everyone convinced the U.S. is in better shape than Mexico?
    Answer: If they’re Troy, they’re racist. If they’re not, they’re dumb.
  16. Is Unser (guy who captured Ophelia) good or bad?
    Answer: Bad. So bad.
  17. Is he in the same group as the ones who took Nick?
    Answer: Yes.
  18. Fear the Walking Dead season 3

  19. Will everyone (except Strand) reunite at the border?
    Answer: Close, but no Salazars.
  20. What kind of reunion will it be? Joyful, angry, dangerous…?
    Answer: BLOODY.
  21. How quickly will everyone get separated again, on either side of the border?
    Answer: It took until the end of the season for everyone to get separated again, but not on either side of the border.
  22. Who are the border control people, anyway? Actual military?
    Answer: A bratty, privileged man-boy and his goons who were given guns and power and allowed to do whatever they wanted.
  23. Where will everyone from the Colonia go now?
    Answer: They’re dead.
  24. After failing to save the people from the Colonia, will Nick be too defeated to keep fighting?
    Answer: Does Nick even remember that time he lived with his girlfriend and her group?
  25. What happened to Jack?
    Answer: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  26. Fear the Walking Dead season 3

  27. Are there any more fights with the infected on the horizon? Or just with living people?
    Answer: Troy says “Hi.”
  28. How many more living people will Travis kill?
    Answer: Living people killed Travis, welp.
  29. Will Travis’ conscience be able to handle killing people? Or will he crack?
    Answer: He cracked before he croaked.
  30. Can Madison and Travis’ relationship withstand the changes they’re both going through?
    Answer: Travis died, okay? No more Travis questions!
  31. Is Madison related to Rick Grimes?
    Answer: Stay tuned.
  32. When will the ‘putting blood on your face to blend with the infected’ trick end?
    Answer: If Nick is alive, the trick never dies.
  33. Will the group find out everyone is already infected?
    Answer: Maybe? Unclear what Troy and his goons thought they were doing.
  34. Where is Tobias?!
    Answer: WHERE IS TOBIAS?!

What questions do you have for ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 4?

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