How the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ finale can save the season

It's been rough, but there's still hope!

1:00 pm EDT, September 29, 2016

There’s one more episode of Fear the Walking Dead this season, and we’re crossing our fingers for some shocker moments.

The second season of Fear the Walking Dead has left many fans disappointed. There’s been a lack of infected-killing-action, and a lack of sympathetic characters, bringing down the excitement and engagement of the season.

But all hope is not lost! In the season finale, there’s still a chance for redemption, if one or more of the following scenarios happen:

Chris dies


It’s no secret Chris is the most hated character on the show. If he were to die, the brattiness, entitled brutality, and general irritation would be gone.

True, Travis would probably have an episode or two of grief that would cause him to make poor decisions, causing us to yell at our screens. Eventually that would pass though, and Fear could continue without the annoying teen who kills everyone, and the equally annoying father who just won’t let it go.

The Wolves


Chris and the Bromigos survive the finale, and the episode ends with the three of them carving a ‘W’ into their foreheads, thus starting the Wolves group. Let’s be real, it’s pretty easy to assume a group like the Wolves would have been started by a bunch of dim-witted, power hungry teen boys.

Eventually we’d even get to the part in Walking Dead where the Wolves attacked Alexandria, and we’d see that Chris was actually there. It would provide interesting back story to how the Wolves originated, while allowing Chris to just be who he wants to be, no holds barred.

Chris kills everyone


Maybe you actually don’t hate Chris, or maybe you just love to hate him. Since morally ambiguous characters seem to be a trend in film and television lately, it could actually be a great thing for Fear the Walking Dead if Chris killed all the main characters, making him the official lead.

Imagine if The Walking Dead had Shane as the lead instead of Rick. It’d be an entirely different show, and possibly a better one. An end of the world show where the lead doesn’t try so hard to do what’s right, and just does what they must to survive would be a refreshing spin.

Everyone dies


Alternatively, the infected could kill everyone on the show, and in season 3 we have an entirely new set of characters with a new story. Similar to American Horror Story, where each season is an open and close plot, except each season of Fear takes place in the same universe.

Rick arrives


And he whips everyone into shape.

Imagine if the Fear group came across Rick’s group. No way would Rick stand for their rash actions and dumb decisions. Madison and Rick would either work well together or butt heads, Nick would probably love to learn survival tricks from Daryl, and Alicia and Glenn would obviously become BFFs through their mutual adorable badassery.

Rick and the gang wouldn’t even have to stay for long. As long as they’re there long enough to smarten Madison and co up, it would save this series.

It’s all a dream


Nick wakes up from a drug-fueled nightmare to find everything that has happened wasn’t real and the show starts over from season 1, episode 1. Only this time, the characters don’t make so many stupid decisions and we care about what happens to them.

Daniel’s resurrection


The group leaves the Colonia and they stumble upon another civilization inhabited by all our favorites: deserted-her-in-the-ocean-Alex, I’m-more-prepared-than-you-Tobias, not-Nick-radio-guy-Jack, and led by our Lord and savior, Daniel Salazar. It’d be the most prepared and adjusted group we’ve ever seen, and I for one, would look forward to seeing them take on this apocalypse each week.

What do you hope happens on the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ finale?

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