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‘Fear the Walking Dead’: 6 people who’d be a better friend for Nick than Troy

Not even an apocalypse would make me want to be friends with Troy.

There are more things to fear on Fear the Walking Dead than the infected. Like Troy Otto dubbing you his friend.

Not every relationship starts off swimmingly. Some people take time to become close. When it comes to Nick and Troy, they certainly didn’t start off too well. But it’s to be expected that people won’t exactly jive well when one of them is trying to kill the other.

Poor Troy is lonely though, and needs a friend, and he’s found that kindred spirit in Nick.

No wait. Nick and Troy? Troy and Nick? Someone needs to put a stop to this friendship now, before it’s too late, before Troy infects Nick’s mind with all his crazy ideas! In fact, here are a few ideas of who can take Troy’s place as Nick’s BFF:


An infected head would even be a better friend for Nick than Troy. At least with an undead head we don’t know how awful “Geoff” may or may not have been in his living life. There’s no worry of Geogg being a bad influence on our favorite impressionable addict.

Besides, they say having pets can be therapeutic, and if you somehow manage to survive the apocalypse, you’re going to need some therapy.


As his sister, Alicia has been around Nick for years and knows him better than anyone. Yes, even better than Madison, because Alicia doesn’t see what she wants to see. She sees what is.

Alicia has a good head on her shoulders, and with an understanding of Nick’s psyche she’d have a better chance of influencing him than anyone else. She knows what strings to tug and how far he can be pushed.

Not to mention, they just have an unrivaled connection as siblings. History counts for a lot. Alicia may get frustrated with Nick, but she’d still do anything for him, and he would do the same for her.


If Jack ever comes back, he’d be a great friend to Nick. Being roughly the same age, they can relate as only young adult man-boys can. After all, they have the same hair. Obviously guys with the same long, greasy hair will get along. Maybe Nick will even take a tip from Jack and slick that straw back into a man-boy bun. One can only hope.


Who wouldn’t want to see Nick take care of Judith? As we saw in season 2’s “We All Fall Down,” Nick is great with children. With the responsibility of a baby, maybe he’ll even be more inclined to stay clean. He could channel his addictive personality into taking care of a baby, getting his fix from making Judith happy.


If Jake proves to be as genuine as he seems, he would be a fantastic friend for Nick. At the very least, he doesn’t agree with his brother’s decisions.

More than that though, he’s levelheaded, compassionate, and can make difficult decisions when he needs to. Those traits are really hard to come by in Fear the Walking Dead. Presumably if you’ve survived this long, you must be some kind of crazy. At least so far, whatever crazy might be inside Jake has been reigned in. Nick would be far better off learning the ways of the elder Otto brother instead of Hitler Jr.


All right, it’s kind of a stretch (yes, only ‘kind of’). The difference between Troy and Negan is that Negan can be reasoned with. True, the only way to reason with him is to give him what he wants, but at least you have a way out. With Troy, it’s mass murder posing as science.

Under Negan’s tutelage, Nick would be able to develop the charisma he’s already demonstrated. Of course, that charisma would likely be used to create fear in people, but this is Fear the Walking Dead, right? Right? Troy would just teach Nick that killing anyone in the name of science is okay, and somehow that’s worse.

If nothing else though, it’d be super adorable.

Who do you think should be Nick’s new BFF?

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