3:45 pm EST, April 29, 2014

John Green’s ‘Fault in Our Stars’ cameo has been cut from the film

In a new interview with Vulture, John Green reveals that his cameo in the book to film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars is on the cutting room floor.

Word of Green’s cameo first surfaced in August, and fans were excited to hear he’d be making a small appearance.

But today the author says the cameo was removed from the film because “it just didn’t work.”

Update: Moments after we released this story, director Josh Boone told Hypable on Twitter that “an extended edition for home video” is in the works which will include the cameo:

Green explains that his role was one in which he turns to Hazel and says “I’m so sorry” after his movie daughter comments on Hazel’s disability. “It’s from the scene in the book when it was intended to show how children approach someone with a disability, instead of getting nervous and anxious,” Green explains. “That’s not always true, but it’s sometimes true. So this girl comes up to Hazel and asks to see her nasal cannula, and the mom in the book says, ‘I’m so sorry.’ They moved the scene around to a different place in the story and made the mom into a dad so I could have a cameo.”

While it’s bad news for readers, Green says he’s glad it was cut. “I was hugely relieved when I got the call when they had cut the scene. I was terrible. Terrible.”

Though he’s not happy with his acting work, he should brace for the probability that it will be on the Fault in Our Stars DVD/Blu-ray when it’s released later this year.

Details surrounding why exactly the cameo was cut (other than the fact that Green thinks he was “terrible”) aren’t clear. Green says in this interview that the spot was “totally unnecessary,” but that doesn’t seem like a reason for them to cut it when he’s the author.

Elsewhere in the Vulture interview, Green spoke about getting to know Shailene Woodley and drinking the same tea she enjoys. “She and I have had a lot of conversations about living in a way that’s in accordance with your values. Living in the world as we’ve found it, but also trying to live in a way that lines up with your values. Some of that is the same for us, but I certainly like yerba mate tea more now that I’ve met Shai! She was like, ‘You won’t like it. It tastes like dirt.’ And I drank it, and I was like, ‘No, it’s great. I love it. It does taste like dirt. It’s great.'”

Pictured above: Green has make-up applied in preparation for his on-screen debut.

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