2:15 pm EDT, June 4, 2015

J.K. Rowling confirms 2 ‘Fantastic Beasts’ lead characters

Last week reports surfaced about the lead characters who will surround Newt in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movie. Now, screenwriter J.K. Rowling has confirmed a couple of details.

Addressing a fan on Twitter this morning, Rowling revealed that two of the lead characters in the Fantastic Beasts movie are indeed named Queenie and Tina. She also confirmed that Tina is actually short for Porpentina, as one of Hypable’s readers speculated in our comments section last week.

Why is Porpentina/Tina significant? She’s the wife of Newt, meaning we now know for sure his wife will have one of the lead roles. (Noteworthy: Porpentina has a grandson named Rolf, who marries Luna Lovegood in the Potter series.)

Finally, Rowling confirmed this morning that Queenie is actually the younger sister of Tina, not the older as reported last week. Also last week we heard Queenie is described as a “bombshell” (and with a name like that, we’re not surprised).

There is a third lead character besides Newt who Rowling hasn’t addressed on Twitter (yet): A man named Jacob, who according to last week’s report is a “rival” of Mr. Scamander’s.

I’m currently investigating what role Jacob will play:

It’s great to see Rowling being open about Fantastic Beasts details even though the roles of Queenie and Tina have yet to be officially announced. This is surely only the beginning of a slew of tidbits Rowling will drop into the hands of her loyal Twitter followers over the next year and a half.

Fantastic Beasts hits theaters November 2016, with filming set to begin later this summer. Eddie Redmayne stars as Newt under the direction of David Yates.

Side note: We now have a Fantastic Beasts category on Hypable! Easily browse the latest news about the Potter spinoff using this link.

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