We’ve long known that the Ilvermorny school song was a scene shot but ultimately cut from Fantastic Beasts. Now, the full scene is online.

The Fantastic Beasts deleted scene, which’ll appear on the just-announced DVD / Blu-ray, debuted at A Celebration of Harry Potter on Saturday night.

Story wise, the scene comes right after Queenie and Newt briefly discuss the latter’s old love, Leta Lestrange. This scene also includes Jacob’s (Dan Fogler’s improvised) “I wanna be a Wizard” line, which appeared in lots of promotional material but didn’t appear in the film. Adorably, several of Newt’s beasts gather ’round to hear the ladies sing the song. Too bad it was cut — it’s cute!

Watch the deleted scene below. If it stops working, check it out on Periscope.

Ilvermorny is the American Wizarding School which J.K. Rowling pulled the cloak off of — How’s this for a coincidence? — a year ago tomorrow, January 29.

The Fantastic Beasts DVD / Blu-ray will include 11 deleted scenes.

Thanks to Cullen for the tip.

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