There seems to be a Funko Pop! for almost anything you can imagine, these days, but there are still a few very notable exceptions.

There are empty spaces on our shelves just crying out to be filled with Funko Pop!s from these fandoms. The only problem is that they haven’t been created yet. Our collections won’t be complete until Funko finally adds these 10 fandoms to their inventory.


More than just a pop culture phenomenon, Glee was one of those shows where there was at least one character that everybody could relate to on a deep level. The show looked at the many perils of that minefield we call high school, and later, adulthood, through the eyes of a wonderfully diverse and interesting group of people.

Of course, the often over-the-top characters on Glee usually dealt with their problems by bursting into song and spirited choreography, but they still felt real, and so many fans still hold them close to their hearts.

What aspiring entertainer wouldn’t love a little Rachel Berry Funko Pop! to look at when things got tough? Every teacher needs a tiny Will Schuester on their desk, to inspire them. Show me someone who wouldn’t buy a track-suited Sue Sylvester and I’ll show you a person who you need to ditch ASAP.

After everyone gets their favorite character and has a full squad of Cheerios, then it would be time to roll out all of their iconic show costumes! Give us all the monochromatic competition outfits and warbler suits our shelves can hold!

‘Will and Grace’

Will and Grace was such an amazing show that they’re bringing it back for more! It’s just as much of a cultural icon now as it ever was, and now is the perfect time to launch the Will and Grace line of Funko Pop!s.

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The fact that there aren’t already Pop!s of Karen with an up-do and a drink in her hand and Just Jack with jazz hands, is borderline criminal! If they could just roll out these Pop!s in time for us to sit beside them as we watch the revival premiere, that would be great.

‘The Office’

As simple office workers, the characters of The Office dress pretty plainly. However, the characters still have such an iconic look to them, and have so many fun and recognizable props, that this set of Funkos would be a must have.

Michael, of course, would appear with his “World’s Best Boss” mug, Andy Bernard would be ready to serenade anyone with his banjo, and there would have to be versions of Dwight with blonde hair, and of Jim dressed as Dwight. Obviously, everyone would also need their own original Jim and Pam Pop!s also, because #couplegoals.


Divergent has to be the next big movie franchise to get a set of Funkos. Everyone else has them, so when is it going to be Divergent’s turn?

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It’s possible that they’re waiting to see what’s going to happen with the series as it continues on television, especially since the actors will most likely be different, and the entire look of the characters could change. Here’s an idea, if that happens, just release two different sets!

We need Tris and Four in all of their different sets of faction attire, Christina and Uriah to back them up, and even Caleb and Peter, in our lives. Sooner than later, would be nice.

‘Gossip Girl’

Gossip Girl Playlist

It seems like every other show on TV nowadays is being billed as “the next Gossip Girl,” so this show is definitely still fresh in the minds of its fans. Why look for a cheap imitation of the world of Gossip Girl when you could have the OG in your home in the form of Funko Pop!s.

We’d settle for 100 Blairs in different headbands, but we’d also love to see everyone in their school uniforms, Serena in her bridesmaids dress, edgy Jenny, and an adorably bow-tied Chuck Bass, as well. With all of the fashion on Gossip Girl, the possibilities are endless.

‘The Vampire Diaries’

Since most of the shows on the CW have 2 or 3 sets of Funkos at this point, The Vampire Diaries is long overdue for its first. Now that The Vampire Diaries is over, we need these Pop!s more than ever.

We’re dying to have an inspirational Caroline Forbes sitting on our desks, or little Salvatore boys with their cars. There could also be an entire set of beautiful, tiny doppelgangers to cherish, a Bonnie Bennett to ward off all the evil in our lives, and don’t even get us started on the villains.

‘Veronica Mars’

'Veronica Mars' at Comic-Con

After the astonishing success of the Veronica Mars movie kickstarter, it should be clear what the people want. What the people want, is as much Veronica Mars as they can handle!

Fans fought hard for Veronica Mars to get the conclusion it deserved, so they’re very attached to the show, the world, and the incredibly lovable characters. Everyone would need a Veronica with her classic messenger bag, camera, and microphone in hand, but she’d definitely need to be surrounded by her squad too. Most notably, Keith Mars, Wallace, Weevil, and of course, Logan.

Pop queens

Funkos have started branching into music with their set of “Rocks,” so it’s astonishing that they haven’t released Funkos for any of the amazing queens of pop. Besides the fact that women like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj are cultural icons, they also have tons of elaborate, colorful, and recognizable stage outfits that would make for incredible lines of Pop!s.

‘Pretty Little Liars’

pretty little liars 7x20

Similarly to The Vampire Diaries, the fact that Pretty Little Liars just ended makes this the perfect time to roll out a set of Funkos. When winter rolls around and there’s no Pretty Little Liars premiere to tweet about, fans are going to be desperate for their fix.

While the Liars in all of their many fashion evolutions would be the obvious first choices, we’re most excited to get our hands on a little, black-hooded “A” Funko.

‘Shadowhunters’/’The Mortal Instruments’

This hugely popular book series now has two adaptations that have been completely ignored by the Funko folks! With the movie being a pretty big let down for fans, it’s probably out of the running for a set, but the Shadowhunters TV series is a different story.

With all of the different supernatural species in Shadowhunters, there would be tons of options for Pop!s. They could even release different versions of Clary, Jace, Isabelle, and Alec, dressed with different runes.

Which fandom’s Funkos are you wishing for most?

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