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Fandom Flashback: ‘Greek’


favouritecharacterheaderWhen it comes to the funniest moment on Greek, there are so many truly ridiculous moments to choose from that we couldn’t choose just one. When you have a house like Kappa Tau, there is never a shortage of hysterical moments, so many of our favorites come from parties and quality time at the KT house.

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The pilot has one of our favorites as Rusty takes his first shot of tequila… and it involves a hot girl (as so many KT memories do). When he can’t handle the booze he spits it all over Lisa Lawson, and Spitter was born. Moments like that set the stage for a witty, smart show to find its place.

A few very famous faces appear throughout the series including Olivia Munn, Dave Franco, Jamie Chung, Jesse Williams, and Candice Accola.

There’s also the awesome Great Gatsby party that the ZBZ’s and the KT’s threw in Chapter 2 of season 1, complete with Beaver “learning to read” as a cover for the illegal prohibition party in the KT basement.

And who could forget the very hungover KT’s trying very hard to overcome their nausea to beat the Omega Chi’s at floor hockey in season 1. Watching them all nearly passed out from sheer exhaustion from their late night partying with the ZBZ ladies is thoroughly amusing.

You also can’t leave out the sabotaged float at the homecoming parade!

There are so many great and ridiculously funny moments from the series that these few only scratch the surface. When you have characters like Cappie and Dale around though, there is never a shortage of fun to be had.



WE NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN: For those that watched the series finale, there was one mind blowing moment that we never actually believed could happen. Sure there was talk about it. Sure we knew it was going to be a hard sell to actually come up with reasons why the Kappa Tau’s should be able to keep their house despite not actually doing anything helpful for CRU over, well, a long time. But there was absolutely no way that the Kappa Tau house, the most disgusting structure to exist on planet Earth, could ever actually be demolished!

There are so many memories wrapped up in the KT walls, including many parties, some very tender Cappie/Casey moments, Rusty’s entire evolution from nerd to brother, and many many more. Watching the house come crashing down was more emotional than most series goodbyes, and was definitely sadder than losing any character we’ve ever known.



The most shocking moment in the entire series came at the end of season 1 when one of the Zeta Beta Zeta pledges threw a giant monkey wrench into the Greek world at CRU by publishing an article airing all of their dirty laundry.

Jen K, who had been dating Rusty Cartwright at the time, changed the series permanently as her article forced the powers that be at CRU to closely monitor the activities of the Greek system for the next few years. Party restrictions, noise limitations, and a constant presence to be accountable to are just a few of the ways that the houses had to immediately adjust, but the lingering effects of that article can be felt long into the final season as well.

Cappie’s real name, Captain John Paul Jones, is not revealed until the final episode of Greek’s four season run.

Rusty also had to deal with his first heartbreak as he couldn’t stay with Jen after she rocked the entire Greek world. That breakup affected him to his core, which is clearly demonstrated as he returns from break the next season still listening to a mix CD from Jen K that Casey quickly chucks out the window.

It was hard to feel too badly for the Greek system as a whole in this moment, as everything listed in the article actually had happened, but that didn’t stop us all from feeling bad for Casey and Rusty. They were perhaps the hardest hit by Jen K’s betrayal, and we just wanted to reach through the screen and hug them until everything was alright.


synopsisheaderNEED TO GET YOUR ‘GREEK’ FIX? If you absolutely need to own every episode of the series (this writer is guilty as charged) you can find all four complete seasons on DVD (try Amazon.com), but if you just want to watch the episodes again, you are in luck. Greek is now available, in its entirety, on Netflix Instant. BAM! All 74 episodes are at your fingertips in a moments notice. Whether you need to see Rusty duct-taped to a wall or Casey tumbling headfirst into a fancy dinner wearing nothing but a coconut bra and grass skirt, you are in luck.



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