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18 Fall 2017 YA books we can’t wait to read

School’s back in session and we’ve got a hankering to get some reading done! Here’s eighteen new YA books debuting this fall, from diverse fantasies to social justice contemporaries and everything in between.

‘The Tiger’s Watch (Ashes of Gold #1)’ by Julia Ember
August 22, 2017

A non-binary sixteen year-old, Tashi has spent their life training as a soldier and a spy, but when Tashi is drawn to the invading army’s commander, Tashi is forced to chose between their country and the boy they are falling in love with.

‘Wonder Woman: Warbringer’ by Leigh Bardugo
August 29, 2017

Bestselling author Leigh Bardugo takes a turn at writing about Wonder Woman’s heroic roots as a young Princess Diana finds herself breaking Amazonian law in order to aid a mortal girl… who as a descendant of Helen of Troy happens to be destined to bring about a great war.

‘They Both Die in the End’ by Adam Silvera
September 5, 2017

In a world where people get a call on the day they are going to die, two boys, Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio, find each other and make the best out of their last living day.

‘Warcross’ by Marie Lu
September 12, 2017

A bounty hunter struggling to make ends meet in New York City, Emika Chen’s hacking talents catch the eye of young billionaire Hideo Tanaka who tasks her with going undercover as a spy in his virtual reality combat video game, immersing her in the glamorous world of futuristic Tokyo.

‘You Bring the Distant Near’ by Mitali Perkins
September 12, 2017

The story of one Indian-American family told through three alternating teen generations, Mitali Perkin’s novel explores the immigrant experience in forming an American identity while keeping a family’s culture alive.

‘Rebel Seoul’ by Axie Oh
September 15, 2017

Set in a futuristic, war-torn Seoul, Lee Jaewon is an ex-gang member and talented pilot trying to come to terms with who he is as either a loyal soldier of the state or a rebel.

‘The Victoria in My Head’ by Janelle Milanes
September 19, 2017

Shy teen Victoria Cruz daydreams of being a confident rockstar, but her reality is filled with overprotective Cuban parents and the humdrum of prep school life. But when she meets a cute boy seeking a new lead singer for his band, she’ll get a shot at her aspirations if she can get over her paralyzing stage fright.

‘Moxie’ by Jennifer Mathieu
September 19, 2017

Inspired by her mom’s punk rock past and the Riot Grrrls of the ’90s, Vivian Carter starts an anonymous magazine accidentally uniting the girls at her school to start a feminist revolution.

‘Wild Beauty’ by Anna-Marie McLemore
October 3, 2017

For generations the women of the Nomeolvides family have cared for their enchanted garden La Pradera and lived with their own tragic legacy— whenever they fall in love, their lovers disappear. But when a boy with no memory enters their garden, Estrella is confronted with La Pradera’s dangerous and magical secrets.

‘Forest of a Thousand Lanterns (Rise of the Empress #1)’ by Julie C. Dao
October 10, 2017

The start of an East Asian fantasy series inspired by the legend of the Evil Queen, Xifeng is a peasant girl destined to become Empress if she is only willing to embrace the darkness that exists within her.

‘The Librarian of Auschwitz’ by Antonio Iturbe
October 10, 2017

Based on the true experience of real-life Auschwitz survivor Dita Kraus, when fourteen year-old Dita and her family are transported to the daily horror of life in a concentration camp, a Jewish leader puts her in charge of the eight precious books prisoners have managed to smuggle into Auschwitz.

‘Dare Mighty Things’ by Heather Kaczynski
October 10, 2017

Cassandra Gupta competes against the best of Earth’s best for a chance to travel to space on a classified mission.

‘A Line in the Dark’ by Malinda Lo
October 17, 2017

In love with her best friend but willing to indulge Angie’s crush on another girl, Jess Wong gets pulled into the dark and twisted world of Margot Adams, a clique where wealth and privilege lead to not only love and loyalty, but murder.

‘I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter’ by Erika L. Sánchez
October 17, 2017

Julia’s sister Olga was the Perfect Mexican Daughter, but when she’s killed in a tragic accident, Julia’s very damaged family forces her to take over the role she never wanted to have, pushing her to the brink in the process.

‘The 57 Bus: A True Story of Two Teenagers and the Crime that Changed Their Lives’ by Dashka Slater
October 17, 2017

A YA nonfiction read that explores race, class, and gender identity in Oakland, California, The 57 Bus tells the true story about two teens, one of whom set the other on fire while riding a bus.

‘Like Water’ by Rebecca Podos
October 17, 2017

When her father is diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, Savannah Espinoza finds herself stuck in her New Mexico hometown, but her walls begin to break down when she meets Leigh, a girl unlike anyone she’s ever known.

‘Dear Martin’ by Nic Stone
October 17, 2017

Torn between his rough neighborhood roots and the privileged prep school where he’s at the top of his class, Justyce McAllister starts a journal dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in an effort to cope after he finds himself involved in a police shooting.

‘Renegades’ by Marissa Meyer
November 7, 2017

Bestselling Lunar Chronicles’ author Marissa’s Meyer’s newest series has her switching over from space princesses to supervillains as Renegades’ main character Nova (aka Nightmare) infiltrates the superhero group The Renegades in order to bring down the heroes who killed her family.

What YA reads are you looking forward to in fall 2017?

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