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‘Eye Candy’ season 1, episode 9 recap: ‘I did it for you’

Eye Candy season 1, episode 9 just finished airing, and we finally learned the identity of the Flirtual Killer.

Eye Candy‘s ninth episode, “FYEO,” begins with a pair of guys on Hart Island burying a bunch of dead bodies. We get a closeup of a woman’s arm, and it seems like the body is fairly fresh. You think this will be important later?

At IRL, Sophia brings a maintenance man down in the basement where there’s a horrific smell. Unfortunately, it’s Oliver’s rotting body.

Katherine Shaw is in her home when Lindy shows up to confront her about knowing something of her sister’s kidnapping. Shaw says she didn’t tell her anything because nothing was definitive. She knows firsthand how obsessing over a case like this can tear families apart. Her niece was abducted, and she broke the law to bring her home. It was her niece, Mary, who said someone named Sara was in the cell next to her.

Shaw didn’t want to give Lindy false hope, but since the cat’s out of the bag, she gives Lindy Mary’s info.

After Lindy leaves, Shaw takes a call from Tommy, but when she hangs up, a man in a ski mask attacks her. She gets away, but she’s hit by a truck and is in critical condition. Did she get a glimpse of the killer’s face when she momentarily lifted his mask?

Back at Sophia’s apartment, Tessa is in the bathroom, shaking. She denies anything is wrong, but after meeting with the Flirtual Killer the night before, we just don’t believe that. Sophia grabs Tessa’s phone and sees all the Flirtual matches Tessa has been dating.

When Lindy meets up with Mary, the young woman tells her they were kept in dog kennels. She held Sara’s hand through the bars, but she never saw her face. However, they did tattoo their names on their wrists so they would never be forgotten.

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Eye Candy season 1 episode 9 Arm

While in the kennels, the girls became addicted to the painkillers their kidnapper gave them. Sara saved hers up and overdosed. When their kidnapper tried to help her, Mary was able to escape and help the other girls. But they never found Sara. Mary thinks she’s dead, but Lindy won’t believe it until they see it.

Sophia tells Lindy about Tessa, and they come to the realization that she’s obsessed with the person who’s obsessed with Lindy. But how did she get on this path? Going to the hospital next, Tommy tells Lindy about Shaw and shows her a note from the killer that reads, “I did it for you, Lindy.”

Lindy talks with Jake and tells him Hart Island contains the body of a Jane Doe who died around the time Mary told her she escaped. Lindy needs to find a way to track that body down, and Jake agrees to help. When he leans in for a kiss, a bicyclist knocks him over.

Back at the station, Tommy reveals to Connor that Hamish Stone Publication, Connor’s boss, is one of the main wallets behind Babylon. Connor agrees to help break into the severs at his workplace after Tommy reminds him about Oliver’s painful death. Connor adds, “But if anyone asks, I did it for the story.”

Jake gets pictures of the deceased for Lindy, but when they come across the right picture, the photo is gone. The Flirtual Killer has been there. Instead, Jake suggests they go to the island and dig up the body to see it for themselves. They visit one of the Hart Island workers to tell them where the body is, and that’s when he also tells them about the women’s asylum that was also a rehab center.

Sophia confronts Tessa about the drugs she’s been taking, called Exoproel, which is usually used to treat bipolar disorder. But that’s not why Tessa is using them. She has a brain tumor.

Connor lets Tommy into the building, but when he gets into the server room, Hamish shows back up and Tommy is locked inside. Oh, and there are no servers in there.

On Hart Island, Jake’s car breaks down and they have to hole up in the asylum for the night. His ribs are terribly bruised from the run-in with the bicyclist earlier in the day, but he doesn’t seem so hurt that he can’t do a little something-something with Lindy.

Eye Candy season 1 episode 9 Lindy Jake

Hamish knows Tommy is in his server room, so he makes Connor tell him everything. He lets Tommy out, and gives him an offer — he can shut down Babylon, have a clue about the killer, and let him go, or he can arrest him on the spot. Three guesses which option Tommy chooses.

Sophia hops in the shower, and the killer shows up. Tessa comes home right on time, and begs him not to kill Sophia. She wants to be killed by him instead because she doesn’t want to live anymore, but she can’t do it herself. He slashes her throat and then leaves.

Back at the station, Tommy takes the flash drive Hamish gave him and plugs it into his computer. Reiss hired someone to kill him for $10,000, which means Jake no longer has an alibi. As Jake takes Lindy out to Hart Island, Yeager asks Shaw if she saw who attacked her. She nods and writes down a name: Jake.

Looks like we finally know who the Flirtual Killer is.

‘Eye Candy’ Music Guide: ‘FYEO’

Layla – “Indigo Puff (Sundara Karma cover)”
Ritual – “The Fall”
SOHN – “The Chase”

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