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‘Eye Candy’ season 1, episode 2 recap: Romancing a murderer

Eye Candy season 1, episode 2, “BRB,” just finished airing. Catch up on everything that just happened with our recap!

Eye Candy season 1, episode 2, “BRB,” opened with a woman preparing for a facial. Our creepy narrator promises to “fix” her skin for her, and proceeds to pour paint stripper on her face.

The narrator continues to obsess over Lindy as he develops his pictures of her. “You miss your boyfriend,” he says. “Don’t worry. You’ll forget about him soon. I promise.”

Lindy returns to the club and one of her suitors, Reese, shows up. He offers her a pill, but she sneakily spits it out. She heads home with him, but Tommy calls her to say that his last date from Flirtual was the woman who had her face melted off. Lindy slyly weasels her way out of going home with him by claiming her mother is sick.

The next morning, Sophia confronts Lindy about her watching the guys from Flirtual. “I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that romancing a murderer is not a good idea.” Right there with you, Sophia.

Sergeant Catherine Shaw of the NYPD shows up at the coffee shop Lindy frequents in order to keep tabs on Jake, her other suitor. She asks for Lindy’s help with the case, but Lindy refuses. Shaw gives Lindy her card anyway and says she can use their resources to help find people, and even look into her sister’s disappearance.

Lindy logs onto her online support group, but is interrupted by Jake, who was meant to meet her at the restaurant, but shows up with flowers and dinner instead. It’s a tense moment when Jake is waving around the butcher knife, but luckily Sophia and Connor show up.

The three friends meet in the bathroom, and Connor’s cut-and-dry attitude rears its head: “If he’s the killer, he can’t cut all our heads off.” Sophia is only mildly placated. After a dinner full of old stories and plenty of laughs, Sophia quips, “Well, he didn’t slit our throats. It’s a good start.”

Eye Candy season 1 episode 2 Sophia Connor

As Jake drives away, Tommy confronts Lindy about what she’s doing and tells her Reese has an alibi — his coworkers said he was at work the entire day. That isn’t good enough for Lindy, though, and she tracks down some solid evidence.

At three in the morning, Lindy calls in George to help her hack the security feeds around the place where the woman got killed. (“No, Lindy. That’s so illegal. I…I love it!”) Lindy thinks she found his car, which means he wasn’t at work all day. Lindy goes to the cops with her proof.

Tommy doesn’t trust Lindy because she’s bound to ditch the plan at any second. But Shaw wants to keep Lindy close so she can keep an eye on her. Tommy has no choice but to agree.

Lindy gets ready for her date with Reese. She’s wearing a wire, and Tommy will be following close behind to hack his state-of-the-art car and find out where he was during the time of the murder. Tommy is still having second thoughts about the whole idea, but it may be for reasons other than not trusting Lindy. How long do you think he’s had feelings for her?

Once Lindy’s in the car, Reese changes the destination. He even closes down the bridge to stop Tommy from following them. They end up in a junkyard, and he waxes poetic about cars and death and the whole thing is pretty creepy. When he tries to put moves on her, she blocks him and he gets mad, but then he apologizes and tells her he’ll meet her at the car. Tommy gets attacked while breaking into it.

Lindy gets in the car, expecting to see Tommy in the driver’s seat. But when she pulls back the figure’s hood, it’s another mannequin and this time it’s plastered with pictures of her. The killer hacks the car and sends it speeding down the road. Lindy is unable to escape, and Tommy is in the trunk. When the killer throws it into reverse in the hopes of killing Tommy, Lindy hacks the car herself and saves him at the last second.

Eye Candy season 1 episode 2 Lindy 2

Tommy asks where Reese is, and Lindy says he’s gone. It was all a setup.

Sophia and Connor show up at the station, and that’s when Lindy breaks the news to them that she’s been working with the Cyber Crimes Unit. The three of them have to stay at the station until the cops find Reese because Lindy’s not the only one who’s in those pictures on the mannequin — Connor and Sophia are featured, too.

Connor gives Sophia and Lindy time to talk, but he may have other motives. He takes pictures of the crime scene photos, barely escaping getting caught by Tommy.

But before we can think about that too much, we see the killer send Lindy a message to help him and a video of him killing Reese. Looks like he’s definitely not the killer, then.

‘Eye Candy’ Music Guide: ‘BRB’

Adventure Club – “Rise & Fall” (feat. Krewella)
of Verona – “Feeling So Good”
Moon & Pollution – “The Lonely Quiet”
Mountain Saint – “New Age”
Magic Man – “Paris”
Wild Party – “Walkin'”
Moon & Pollution – “Alter Eagle”
RHODES – “Your Soul”
Moon & Pollution – “Darkroom Double”
Breton – “Parthian Shot”

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