Exclusive Outlander images just sent over by Starz show us new sides of Jamie Fraser and Geillis Duncan

This Saturday Outlander is back on Starz with their next episode entitled, “The Way Out.” Claire continues to try to make her way around this alien world of the 18th century. According to the official synopsis, “Claire decides to use her medical skills to aid her escape from Castle Leoch – with Jamie’s help, she tends to an ill child. During an evening’s entertainment, a story gives Claire hope for her freedom.”

Starz also released, in addition to the exclusive images found below, three videos that showcase how Claire’s innate stubbornness, and ability to empathize without pitying or coddling, has enabled her to survive thus far.

In the first photo, Gellis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek) is seen with her husband Arthur Duncan (John Sessions) as they have a tender moment together. Arthur Duncan has the unenviable task of being a local magistrate of sorts in the local village that is a few miles from Castle Leoch. He is the one who decides the fate of those who may have committed some relatively minor offenses.

Known as a local healer, Geillis is on hand to assist her husband as he has a variety of stomach aliments. She can be counted on to produce the remedy such as peppermint oil, or to give her husband a sympathetic shoulder by listening to his burdens, and maybe affecting his decisions. Claire could learn a lot from Geillis who is able to get what she wants via some charm and manipulation.


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In the second photo, Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) comes face-to-face with the tanner’s lad (Blair Cunningham) who has gotten himself into a wee bit of trouble for stealing. The young boy isn’t sitting on that stool by choice. He literally can’t move as part of his punishment. Jamie looks like he is mocking the lad just the same way many of the townsfolk were. The thing is, looks can be very deceiving. Could Jamie have something quite literally up his sleeve?


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Don’t miss Outlander on Starz, Saturday 9:00 ET/PT.

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