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Read your first excerpt of Lauren Blakely’s ‘A Guy Walks Into My Bar’ (exclusive)

So, anyone who’s into audiobooks knows there’s an extra special reason to be interested in A Guy Walks Into My Bar, but I’m sure ALL Lauren Blakely fans are excited for her first M/M romance!

For those not in the know, M/M simply means that this story features a love story between two men. Audiobook listeners will get to hear this story first as the audio releases August 17 thanks to the incredible narrative talents of Shane East and Joe Arden (in duet style narration), along with a full supporting cast.

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We’ve highlighted Lauren Blakely’s dedication to impressive audiobooks a time or two before, so it should come as no shock that this tale will get it’s start in audio form.

Not to worry, though, ebook fans! The ebook releases just a few days later, on August 21, and we are beyond excited to share your first PRINT glimpse at what will happen in those pages if you’re up for it. Before we get to that, though, take a look at this cover first:

A Guy Walks Into My Bar Lauren Blakely

Pretty wonderful, right?

And I mean, that title sets the scene, but here’s the gist in case you want to know a little more about A Guy Walks Into My Bar. A bartender in London is tempted to break his “no going home with the customers” rule when a sexy AF hockey player walks in and makes his interest known. What could go wrong with a little fling between a Brit and an American that’s leaving in a few short days to return to his life across the pond?

So, if you think you can stand the temptation with such a long month and a half wait ahead of you, read on for a quick excerpt from Lauren Blakely’s A Guy Walks Into My Bar.

Exclusive excerpt from Lauren Blakely’s ‘A Guy Walks Into My Bar’

I turn back to Dean.
“Ice defender? Really?”

He simply shrugs. “What can I say? Hockey’s not my thing.” He doesn’t say it dismissively. It’s more like he says it . . . deliciously. As if he’s letting me read between the lines again, saying without saying that he’s not into me for the number on my jersey, like plenty of guys in New York are.

And that’s another point in his favor. Dean’s not trying to bag a pro athlete. I kinda love it. But I’m not telling him that. No way am I revealing that yet. Instead, I say something else entirely true. “Thank you for chatting up Emma. Means a lot to me.”

“She’s lovely. Inquisitive mind—I can tell.”

“Yes, that describes her perfectly. She’s also always in motion. Never slows down.”

He lifts a brow. “She seems to always be working the angles. She’s quite a wingwoman for you.”

I laugh. “I guess we’ll see how good she is at it.”

His eyes travel up and down my frame in that hungry way he has of looking at me. “I have a feeling she’ll be quite good at it.”

And I heat up again, the flames licking inside me as he cracks open the conversation I want to have. “Does that mean you’re giving me another yes?”

“Your favorite word, Fitz. I wonder if that’s the one I’ll be saying to you today,” he says, and holy fuck, this man is so damn sexy with the way he talks, the way he teases me.

I lean back in my chair, stretching out my arm across the edge of Dean’s chair, toying with him like he’s toying with me. “I wonder too. Or maybe you still plan to resist me.”

He never looks away. Just keeps those dark eyes locked on mine. “As I told you, I have a rule about sleeping with customers.”

“Ah, but I’m not one of your customers anymore.”

“You were, though, and now I’ve lost the bet with Maeve.”

I frown, confused. “What bet?”

“Maeve and I have an ongoing wager. Sort of like a deal about not going home with customers. If one of us does, we owe the other extra chores.”

“Interesting. Did you have to pay up yesterday just for those kisses?”

“She made me mop. Such a taskmaster.”

“Did that bother you? All the deep cleaning?”

He strokes his chin, like he’s seriously considering the question. “No. Not in the least. I might owe her more though.”

That piques my interest a whole helluva lot. “So, you really have to pay up if you sleep with me?” Just saying that aloud, getting closer to what I want, makes my skin sizzle and my dick throb.

Especially since he takes his time, licking his lips before he answers, punctuating each word. “So. Many. Chores.”

The look in his eyes is driving me wild. The desire I see there matches mine.

I swallow roughly, my throat as dry as the Sahara, lust pounding through me. Lowering my arm, I slide it under the table, spreading my palm across his thigh. “Worth it.”

A rumble seems to work its way up his chest as he widens his legs the slightest bit. “Possibly.”


He takes a deep breath, his tone suddenly serious. “But listen, this is just a fling. Nothing more. I want to make sure we’re both on the same page.”

“We are absolutely on the same page.”

“I’ve had some exes get a little . . . clingy. I don’t want that. I have the bar to think about. Maeve and I are just about to pay off our loan. I don’t want anything to get in the way of business.”

I grin. “I know the feeling. But trust me, Dean. I have training camp after this. Plus, I’m wrapping up a new sponsorship deal. I’ll be so damn busy in New York, you won’t even hear from me after I get on the plane on Thursday at two. I’ll be in and out of your life like that.”

“In that case, there’s one more thing we ought to tackle.”

So, if you’re now dying to get your copy of A Guy Walks Into My Bar pre-ordered so it is ready to go on release day, here are all the places you can grab your copy: Amazon, Audible, Barnes and Noble, and Apple Books. Oh, and no matter how you choose to read this story, make sure to add it on Goodreads, too!

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