Read the first two chapters of Julia Vanishes, one of the hottest books coming out this summer. A serial killer and magic make up this unique story about girl who uses her gift of being invisible to survive.

Welcome a new voice in the fantasy genre by immersing yourself in Catherine Egan’s debut YA novel Julia Vanishes (Alfred A. Knopf/ on sale June 7, 2016). This first book in the Witch’s Child trilogy has adventure, murder, romance, intrigue, and betrayal with a 16-year-old heroine that is both fierce and flawed at the same time. A breath of fresh air in the midst of various heroines in YA fantasy today, Julia does what she needs to in order to survive – even if it leaves a mark on her conscience. And the line between good and evil seems to become more blurry everyday…

Julia lives in a city terrorized by a serial killer. A city that witnesses the drowning of anyone deemed a witch, and that has outlawed all forms of magic. With no biological family to call her own, Julia and her brother have taken up with a group of thieves who steal in order to survive. And Julia makes a great thief and spy, thanks to her unusual ability to remain unseen. Not invisible exactly, but just beyond people’s senses. And in her world it is a valuable trait to have.

Julia’s latest job finds her posing as a maid in the grand house of Mrs. Och, who houses odd characters, including some of the very witches being hunted in the town. Julia doesn’t know the client that has hired her, only that she must report back on everything she sees and hears in the grand house in order to be paid. But as she becomes closer with those in the house, her job gets harder and harder to do. And can she finish the job if it means hurting an innocent child in the process?


Catherine Egan is an exciting new talent who has created a vivid world filled with unique characters that are often both flawed and likable, and full of magic, monsters, witches, and danger. Julia Vanishes is sure to appeal to fantasy fans of all ages, as well as those that crave an addictive read that will leave them wanting more.

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