9:28 am EDT, July 1, 2016

Everything wrong with Disney’s ‘Tarzan’ is a zoology lesson in disguise

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The Everything Wrong With Tarzan breakdown comes just in time for the live-action version — which sounds like it’ll be much worse.

The CinemaSins crew have put together an Everything Wrong With video for Tarzan, Disney’s 1999 animated feature starring Elsa and Anna’s little brother (wait, that’s canon, right?).

Ultimately, this video is the epitome of grumpy old man being fed up with bullshit, and we love every second of it:

Essentially, this video is very confused about Disney’s classification of gorillas, their abilities, mating rituals, and knowledge about piranhas.

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It’s also probably not so enjoyable for anyone who actually enjoyed Tarzan, but for those jaded ancients like undersigned who felt ‘too old’ for Disney films when this came out in 1999 (I was like 10 years old), it’s highly amusing.

So, what’s the verdict? Did CinemaSins just shit on your childhood, or are you, too, a Tarzan skeptic?

Meanwhile we’ve got yet another incarnation of Tarzan to look forward to, in The Legend of Tarzan starring Alexander Skarsgård and Margot Robbie, and directed by David Yates.

Unfortunately, that one probably won’t get much better treatment in its inevitable Everything Wrong With video, seeing as it’s being slammed by critics.

“The imperative to produce a viable box-office entertainment trumps The Legend of Tarzan‘s noble intentions at every turn,” writes The BBC, with Empire scathingly deeming it, “Not so much a ripping yarn, more of a dripping yarn.”

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