Fans of Orson Scott Card’s Enderverse know that Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow are stories that go hand in hand, and none understand that better than director Gavin Hood.

Ender’s Shadow, the fifth book in Orson Scott Card’s brilliant and extensive science-fiction anthology, takes place during the events of Ender’s Game, only from the perspective of another character, Bean.

We asked director Gavin Hood if we would get to see the events of Ender’s Game through the eyes of Bean in a potential sequel, and he responded with his usual enthusiasm and bombastically friendly attitude.

“I want to,” said Hood. “I love Ender’s Shadow. Ender’s Shadow is awesome. I wanted to shoot Ender’s Shadow at the same time as shooting Ender’s Game.”

Eagle-eyed fans living in this “sequel release dates announced before opening weekend” age may have noticed that a sequel to Ender’s Game has not yet been announced. Wait, do you call it a sequel when it takes place at the same time as the original?

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In any case, as many of you may have noticed, they didn’t get the opportunity to shoot the two films at the same time.

Director Gavin Hood elaborates, “We had such difficulty getting the money for Ender’s Game that it was like, everyone said ‘Gavin, shut the f*** up, there’s no way you’re getting the money to shoot two movies at once.'”

Ah, there it is. Money. Considering that the budget for Ender’s Game is rumored to be just over $110 million, it makes sense, but we don’t have to like it. Neither does Hood.

“It’s a pity on many levels because that cast was all there, the sets were all there, we should’ve shot the two movies back-to-back,” said Hood. “I’m not in any way bitter, I mean I’m disappointed, but there’s a big difference. My producers busted their asses to get enough money to make this movie.”

Now that the dye is cast, the potential for an Ender’s Shadow film featuring Aramis Knight as Bean seems very unlikely, and for more reasons than just money.

“It’s really hard to make Ender’s Shadow because Aramis is gonna be older, all my kids are older, they would have needed to be made at the same time.

Don’t abandon hope though, Hood has one last thought on how to get Ender’s Shadow into a visual medium.

“It could be made, I think, as a TV series. I’m sorta looking at that.”

Would you prefer to see Ender’s Shadow on the big screen or on the small screen?

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