Steve Jablonsky will be the composer charged with creating the original score for the upcoming film adaptation of Ender’s Game.

Hypable originally reported in February that composer James Horner would score the film adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s popular novel, but we have now learned by way of (who state they have confirmed this information with the film’s production company, Summit Entertainment) that plans have changed.

Composer Steve Jablonsky will be at the musical helm of this long-awaited movie adaptation. Jablonsky is known for his work on the scores of The Amityville Horror, several films in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, and most notably the Transformers movie series. Gamers will also recognize Jablonsky’s work on several popular video game series including Command and Conquer, Gears of War, and Prince of Persia.

A movie such as Ender’s Game relies heavily on the tone set by the music that plays in the background, making the choice of composer extremely important. Steve Jablonsky’s experience with orchestrating works for titles in this same genre may make him the ideal candidate to score this film.

Here’s a sample of Jablonsky’s musical style:


Ender’s Game is the story of a gifted child who is sent to Battle School, a training camp for Earth’s best and brightest children to learn to become soldiers in the war against Earth’s mortal extraterrestrial enemy, the Buggers.

Ender’s Game has been written and directed by Gavin Hood, and stars Asa Butterfield as Ender Wiggin. The film will also feature Ben Kingsley (Mazer Rackham), Harrison Ford (Colonel Hyrum Graff), Abigail Breslin (Valentine Wiggin), Hailee Steinfeld (Petra Arkanian) and Aramis Knight (Bean).

Ender’s Game is set for release on November 1, 2013. You can catch the Ender’s Game trailer in theaters with Star Trek Into Darkness later this month.

Does the score affect your enjoyment of the film as a whole?

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