The show’s executive producer has hinted that we could be seeing the great detective’s father in the series, as well as discussing plans to introduce the sinister Moriarty.

“I feel it’s important at the end of the day to be true to the character,” Ringer producer Robert Doherty told Entertainment Weekly when asked about the prospects of an appearance from the sleuth’s arch-nemesis. He’s the spider at the center of the web of crime in London, so quite often you’re dealing with his agents. There are a few dominoes we knock over before we open it at [sic] get to him.” While his comments aren’t an outright confirmation of the famous villain’s presence, they certainly hint he will crop up in the show at some point (perhaps he will be revealed in the season 1 finale).

In the previews and plotlines we’ve heard about so far, Elementary will see Sherlock’s father hire Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) as a sober-companion to the troubled detective played by Jonny Lee Miller. However, all previous indications have suggested that the character would be entirely off screen and only mentioned in passing. It seems that’s not the case anymore though, as Doherty confessed that Holmes senior “is somebody who we are moving closer and closer toward meeting.”

Would you like to see the American take on such an iconic character? Do you think Sherlock needs a father figure?

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