Morland Holmes wants to help. Or, at least, that is what he wants Sherlock to believe in an exclusive clip from this week’s Elementary season 4, episode 2, “Evidence of Things Not Seen.”

The tension between the two Holmes men is palpable in an exclusive clip from this week’s Elementary season 4, episode 2, “Evidence of Things Not Seen.” Last week’s premiere saw the estranged father and son meet atop the brownstone where Sherlock’s father, Morland Holmes, more or less appeared annoyed by his obligation to appear in New York to “fix” the fallout from Sherlock’s relapse.

The opening of “Evidence of Things Not Seen,” however, goes a bit deeper into Mr. Holmes’ feeling of personal obligation to his son’s sobriety. Could the devil Sherlock spoke of these past three seasons truly be that bad?

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Clenched fists, words spoken through gritted teeth, the Holmes men are two powder kegs about to explode. But they keep it civil, at least for one afternoon. A huge promise looms at the end of their conversation — Sherlock and Joan’s reinstatement with the NYPD. Morland Holmes, as we know, is in his own way a consultant for the higher powers of the world. But does his smooth talking and greasing of palms in business world extend to his own family?

Sherlock would have us believe so. His skepticism and tight-locked posture in Morland’s presence are not indicators of a man who feels at ease in present company. Morland, however, presents a convincing argument. For all the bad seed sowed between the two, there is a deep rooted concern that Morland feels for his son’s predicament.

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Should we be so quick to judge? With prospects for Sherlock’s consulting work looking a bit bleak, Morland’s proposal is something worth considering. And, to support dear old dad for a second, Morland has a proven track record when it comes to offering assistance in regards to Sherlock’s sobriety. Beyond pairing him with Joan at the start of his recovery, Morland also stepped in to help Holmes out when his old drug dealer Reese showed up in season 1 and tried to get Sherlock high again. Neither arrangement, however, came without strings.

There is one more vital encounter on the horizon for this week’s episode that will be the deciding factor — Joan must meet Morland.

Watch Elementary season 4, episode 2, “Evidence of Things Not Seen,” Thursday, November 12 at 10:00 p.m. ET on CBS.

Do you trust Morland Holmes?

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