Fantastic Beasts star Eddie Redmayne has filmed a new PSA in which he defends the Hogwarts House that has always taken the most flack: Hufflepuff.

Eddie and his character Newt Scamander are both Hufflepuffs (he proudly wears his scarf in the film!), and while on the Fantastic Beasts promo circuit, Redmayne brilliantly stood up for the House on behalf of MTV. His emotions occasionally get the best of him when he accidentally lets a F-bomb fly — twice.

“I’m a Hufflepuff. Actually no, I’m a proud Hufflepuff. For far too long now, Hufflepuffs have been victimized,” he says with raw emotion.

“They call us boring, they call us beige. That we’re the nice guys. But you know what? Do you know what I see in Hufflepuffs? I see loyalty, I see fierce friendship. We’re hardworking, we’re compassionate, and at the end of the day we’re gonna do the right thing, and not because of the glory. For the greater good.”

“F— it. Sorry, it’s naughty to swear. We do it because that’s what Hufflepuff means. Be proud, stand tall.”

He notes that him, The Rock, and Cedric Diggory are all proud residents of the badger house.

“Also, Hufflepuff is J.K. Rowling’s favorite house so frankly f—,” and the PSA ends there.

Hufflepuff has finally founds it perfect defender. Bravo, Eddie.

Fantastic Beasts hits theaters this Friday. Read our spoiler-free review!

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