Dylan O’Brien, who plays Stiles on Teen Wolf, recently gave an interview with Da Man magazine. We’ve got all the details right here!

The interview starts off with O’Brien talking about Teen Wolf and how he was sent the script with the intention of auditioning for Scott’s part. Instead, “Stiles is the character that stood out to me,” he says. “When auditioning or preparing for a character, I think it’s essential, as an actor, to have an instinctual understanding of that character’s role in the storyline. And for me, I understood the Stiles role in the Teen Wolf world wholeheartedly and I saw him as being the heart and soul of the show. I wanted the chance to play that.”

And for all of you who may be worrying about the future of Scott and Stiles’ friendship, O’Brien says that he doesn’t think anything could come between them. However, even though they have a relationship that’s “kind of like a brotherhood,” with everything going on, it could mean that they just have less time for each other.

When asked what he thinks about Sterek, the actor had this to say: “I think fans are reacting to something that humans naturally react to, which is good chemistry between characters you wouldn’t expect to be seen together.” He goes on to say, “Stiles and Derek couldn’t be more opposite as people or personalities. On the one hand, you have the most eccentric, animated, irritating and spastic character in the show. And then on the other hand, you have the very serious, very ‘has everything on the line’ kind of a dark character. When you put those two together, that’s just comedy 101, so it creates a funny and fun dynamic.”

O’Brien will be starring in the upcoming film The First Time. About the movie, he says, “It’s a coming of age story about two teenagers in high school who meet for the first time. It takes place over one weekend; the classic high school weekend.” He goes on to say that, “it’s about growing up and experiencing what it’s like to grow up.”

The actor also speaks about his improvisational skills and that he gets to use them on the Teen Wolf set from time to time. He says, “I think improv is such an essential part of acting. It’s a very basic tool. It’s almost the most natural form of acting.” We can’t help but agree – one of our favorite moments in season 1 was when Stiles was talking to Danny and he fell off his stool in the classroom, which was a moment when O’Brien went off script just a little bit.

O’Brien has some great things coming up for him as well. He’s working on a movie called The Internship, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. He plays a character named Stuart who, “is very cynical, a know-it-all who spends his time buried in his phone. He is not very social. He knows nothing but his phone and the Internet.” He also continues to write sketches and is trying to be more proactive in getting his own videos produced.

See scans of the interview, thanks to this Tumblr.

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