1:30 pm EDT, August 21, 2015

Tumblr cartoonist reveals Albus Dumbledore’s hilariously immature side


Sure, Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore was a serious yet charming character in the Harry Potter series. But a new set of cartoons shows off Dumbledore’s more playful, ignorant side.

Tumblr user floccinaucinihilipilification has been releasing cartoons depicting Dumbledore and friends, and each scene is funnier than the next. We love this charmingly ignorant version of Dumbledore as much as we do the one in the books!

According to this comic series, Dumbledore’s goofy behavior started as early as when he left Harry on Privet Drive:


And it’s been going on ever since. There was that time Dumbledore felt compelled to zing Ron Weasley behind his back:


And the time he went out of his way to “Dumbleburn” Snape:


He really loves screwing with Snape, actually. There was that time Dumbledore asked Snape to help him mess with McGonagall:


The time Dumbledore was so bored by the teachers:


The time Dumbledore didn’t care about Harry’s issues with Snape:


The time Dumbledore hired Lockhart just so Harry could get him killed:


And the time Dumbledore gave no fucks about Snape’s request for a raise:


The cartoonist, who is German, has also come up with some adorable and hilarious works of Potter art that don’t involve the Hogwarts Headmaster:



Which of these cartoon strips is your favorite?

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