9:00 am EST, February 20, 2014

‘Duck Dynasty’ season 5, episode 6 recap: Always in the jungle

Jase and Willie’s latest competition had them out to prove who would make a better soldier on Duck Dynasty season 5, episode 6, “G.I. Si.” Read our recap to find out what happened and discuss with other fans!

Here are the highlights from Duck Dynasty season 5, episode 6, “G.I. Si”:

While going through old toys to donate to the church’s toy drive, Willie and Jase discover an old G.I. Joe. Willie decides to keep it instead of donating it. But there’s one small problem – Jase says that it’s his toy, not Willie’s.

Meanwhile, Miss Kay insists that the G.I. Joe is a doll and that it should be donated. The brothers agree that it needs to be saved but can’t settle on who it actually belongs to.

As they discuss the various G.I. Joe action figures that they had, Si informs them they have no idea what real war is about. Willie says he has no idea how Si actually survived the war but thinks that he would make a great soldier. Of course, Jase says that he’d be a better soldier. The way they decide to settle it is by gathering the kids and having a paintball war.

Meanwhile, Jep asks Martin to help him lay a sidewalk in his front yard. He wants to get it perfect because Jess doesn’t know that he made the project bigger than she wanted. Phil arrives to save the day and is a little disappointed in his son. Jep doesn’t care as long as he’s able to impress Jess in the end.

At the field, Si gets upset when neither Jase nor Willie want him on their team. So he decides to go solo and go against both teams. With the teams uneven, Godwin gets the choice of who to join and picks Willie.

But Jase is still convinced that he can win the paintball war. Willie can’t even get his team to agree that he’s the leader. But gets happy when one of the boy’s reveals that he brought a smoke bomb – until he accidentally sets it off and gives away their position.

Martin is concerned that the sidewalk won’t get done, but Jep is confident Phil will get it done. Phil just wants them to stop yapping and get to work. In the end, it isn’t really straight, but Jess is still happy with the results, which is all that really matters anyway.

Knowing his brother, Jase believes that Willie will over complicate the paintball match, but gets worried when John Luke decides to rush into the woods, yelling and looking for their opponents. Jase comes to realize that picking John Luke wasn’t the best plan.

As the epic paintball battle commences, the teams hear Si shouting for help. Although they’re worried it’s a trap, they agree to go see what the problem is. They all go out to the marsh and find Si’s 4-wheeler stuck in the mud, but they can’t find Si.

Before they can get back to the game, Si ambushes them thanks to his weird camouflage suit that makes him look like Sasquatch. He wins the match, but Jase and Willie are satisfied just to attack everyone else with paintballs.

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