Tonight’s Downton Abbey season 4 episode had a shocking twist that has seemingly rocked one relationship. Our recap breaks down the events of the storyline.

On last week’s Downton Abbey season 4 premiere we watched as Mary began her road to recovering from the loss of her beloved Matthew.

Downton Abbey season 4, episode 2 kicked off with the arrival of several guests for a party at the estate. Of the many visitors is Lord Gillingham (“The glamorous pirate” as described by Robert) and his valet Mr. Green. He and Mary have known one another since childhood and spend some time reminiscing over their past. We learn that Gillingham has a lady in his life but he’s not married yet. Meanwhile, Green meets Anna and tries to have a little fun banter with her, but she’s more interested in working.

Tom has difficulty having small talk with the guests who’ve grown up living a higher lifestyle than he, though Violet tries to offer a little help. Also troubling Tom is Edna, who he speaks to for the first time since their trouble last season. Edna asks that they be friends going forward. Later, Edna gives Tom a glass of whiskey and proceeds to enter his room when he goes to bed. While we don’t see what happened, next episode we’ll learn about the repercussions of this nighttime rendezvous.

Also at the party is Edith and Michael. The latter decides to join a card game Robert will be participating in so that they can bond. This comes after several failed attempts by Michael at bonding with Edith’s father. The card game ends up being trouble for everyone, as Samson is secretly rigging it. Michael is on to him, however, and gets Robert’s money back, which wins the Lord over.

There’s an accidental date for Mary and Gillingham: They go horseback riding by themselves after no one else expresses interest in participating. While out together they talk about Downton’s tax bill, and her potential suitor offers some help. “It’s nice to know one’s not alone, that others are facing the same trials,” Mary says atop her horse.

Downstairs, Mrs. Patmore and her team are swamped and it’s stressing out our favorite red-headed cook – so much so that she suffers a heart attack. And while planning for an event the following day, Carson accidentally decides to not invite their party’s opera singer to dinner with Robert and family. Cora later yells at Robert and Carson for deciding that she have dinner in her room. It’s one of the funnier moments of the episode.

During the opera singer’s performance, Anna leaves the performance to cure a headache. Downstairs she encounters Gillingham’s valet Green who tries to give her some “real fun” because the “sad old cripple” (referring to Bates) can’t possibly keep her happy. He proceeds to physically attack and then rape her. No one is downstairs to intervene because they’re all at the performance.

Later that night Anna seeks help from Mrs. Hughes, who suggests that she tell Mr. Bates. Anna doesn’t want to tell him because Bates would go after Green and possibly get thrown back in jail. She later runs into her husband and won’t let him touch her.

Other notes…

– At a dance event at Downton, Mary and Gillingham are dancing when she notices that the gramophone is Matthew’s. She becomes upset and runs away, but only for a short time.

– Carson gives Molesley a job as a footman after he needs some extra help.

– Isobel is still struggling from Matthew’s loss and is afraid to smile again because it means she’s moved on. She doesn’t like seeing Mary and Gillingham hitting it off, and Tom tries to comfort her.

What did you think of tonight’s ‘Downton Abbey’ and the attack on Anna?

Downton Abbey season 4, episode 3 airs Sunday, January 19 at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific on PBS. See a preview below:

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