The final ever episode of Downton Abbey is fast approaching, and ITV has released a trailer to tease the two-hour Christmas special.

While we may still be coming to terms with how series 6 ended, the Downton Christmas special looks to pick up the story where we left off — with a minimal time jump. Rumors of a possible movie are still circulating, but, for now, this is the last time we’ll see Downton Abbey on our screens, and we’re hoping it’ll end things in a satisfying way.

Along with the trailer, ITV also released a synopsis for the episode, which you can read below.

Romance abounds in the final episode of ‘Downton Abbey,’ but for some the year’s end is bitter-sweet.

Mary endeavours to build bridges but Edith’s secret continues to pose a threat, even after she thought there was nothing left to lose.

As Henry settles into the role of husband, scars left by Charlie’s death are slow to heal, while Carson struggles to come to terms with developments which prove that even he is not invulnerable to change.

Spratt’s successful moonlighting venture is threatened by the conniving of Denker, and Daisy may have missed her chance with an admirer.

Isobel receives devastating news and when the Greys’ scheming takes a sinister turn, she and Violet join forces.

Robert must learn the value of independence, while the day that Anna and Bates have been waiting for arrives.

The last ever episode offers all the love and loss, happiness and heartbreak of Downton Abbey, and as the family and servants prepare to welcome 1926 with an unforgettable New Year’s Eve we will share our final two hours in their company, and reflect on the ending of a television event.

It looks as though things may not be going as smoothly for newlyweds Mary and Henry Talbot as the couple may have hoped, with Charlie’s death still weighing heavily on Mary’s husband. Other plates we left spinning at the close of series 6 appear to be heading for some resolution as well — from Isobel’s fizzling romance with Lord Merton to the secret of Marigold’s true identity continuing to cause turmoil for Edith. Will she ever find a semblance of happiness?

You can check out the trailer for yourself, in order to glean as much information as possible, before reading on for the five moments that stood out for us.

5 things we noticed in the ‘Downton Abbey’ Christmas special trailer

The synopsis certainly didn’t lie when it mentioned romance would abound in the final ever episode, and we caught moments between established couples, estranged ones, and the newly-blossoming. We know things won’t be as easy and hopeful as the trailer makes it — it’s Christmas, on British television, and Downton Abbey. Nothing is ever that simple.

Thomas appears to be leaving Downton


Thomas Barrow has had a pretty tough time of things over the course of Downton Abbey. Love him or loathe him, he’s been through emotional upheavals that would have left the best of us in tatters — from short-lived lovers to ostracization from the Downton staff. It all culminated in a suicide attempt during series 6, but now Thomas appears to be moving on to greener pastures.

Will he be entering another household? Will the Duke of Crowborough make a surprise reappearance and whisk him away? (Yeah, wishful thinking, we know. But who can resist more Charlie Cox? And Daredevil season 2 is still so far away!) Whatever happens, we can only hope it’ll bring Thomas some much-needed peace with himself.

Lady Edith and Bertie reunite


With how Lady Edith and Bertie left things at the close of series 6, we can’t say we weren’t expecting them to reunite at some point before Downton left our screens for good, especially after Bertie’s elevated status due to his cousin’s untimely death — they run in very similar social circles, after all.

It appears, however, that their meeting isn’t planned — considering the look on Lady Edith’s face. Hopefully they can work things out by the close of the episode, and gain back some of that trust Bertie lost following the Marigold reveal.

Atticus and Lady Rose return to Downton


The only mention of Lady Rose during series 6 was via a letter received at Downton, heavily implying that she was expecting her first child with Atticus. Lady Rose’s liveliness was sorely missed in her absence from the show, so we’re eagerly anticipating her return — and confirmation over that potential addition to her family.

After all, it’d be nice to have one safe, secure, successful and happy family on Downton for once. It is Christmas, Mr. Fellowes.

Henry Talbot and George are bonding


Though we may not be completely on board with the marriage between Lady Mary and Henry Talbot, it was nice to see a brief moment showing him with Mary’s son, George. Perhaps this will offer us a little more of the Talbot we’d been hoping to see throughout series 6, the one that everyone was telling us was this inevitable, all-consuming love of Mary’s life.

Certainly, we can’t expect to spend prolonged time with the couple, but this more intimate look at the character — and his parallel struggles with grief over the loss of his racing partner, Charlie — may go a long way with aiding our acceptance of his relationship with Mary.

Romance blossoming for Tom?


They met briefly during series 6, but we’re pretty certain we spotted a lingering moment between Tom Branson and Lady Edith’s editor, Laura Edmunds. The synopsis for the Christmas special promised romance abounding throughout the episode, so it wouldn’t be out of the realms of possibility.

Much as we hate to admit it, Branson was little more than a set dressing throughout series 6, serving only to push Mary into Henry Talbot’s arms. Though we may see the teased beginnings of a connection between the two, it’s unlikely we’ll see another rushed wedding. Then again, this is Downton Abbey…

The Downton Abbey Christmas special will air December 25, at 8:45 p.m. GMT on ITV.

What are you hoping for from the ‘Downton’ Christmas special?

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