It’s now less than two weeks until fans can see Donald Sutherland as President Snow in The Hunger Games. In a new interview, the actor talks about his feeling on the films script, as well as his interpretation of Snow, and the political importance of the movie.

Speaking to Coming Soon about the script, Sutherland said the following:

Q: What kind of roles are you looking for at this stage of your career?
Donald Sutherland: Whatever strikes my heart, you know? I mean, this script — it came, I read it. I couldn’t read it actually. I pushed it away. I sat back and I said to my wife, “I think I just read something that can change everything.

On director Gary Ross, he said:

And then when Gary [Ross] asked me to do it, to play the President, it was at that time a very peripheral part. We were in North Carolina and talking about that nature of the oligarchies and the privileged and how to administer them. And he said, “I’m going to write,” – god, he’s brilliant. He’s an amazing man, he really is. You loathe to use the word genius, but he’s quite extraordinary from my point of view. And he went away and he came back with a couple of scenes with such economy of language. Of such specificity. He said, “I think what we have to talk about is hope and fear.” And those scenes aren’t in the book. He wrote them and Suzanne Collins loved them. But it so perfectly described what someone — an administrator, a bureaucrat, not even a leader — that Coriolanus Snow is and that he has to do. How do you keep that underclass in control? You offer them a little bit of hope.

You can read the rest of the fascinating interview (which also covers his thoughts on Jennifer Lawerence, and how the Occupy Wall Street protests could be compared to the District uprising in the trilogy) at the above link.

Do you think that The Hunger Games could have an important impact, or do you think that Sutherland is just bigging the film up to try and gain some hype?

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