4:45 pm EDT, July 21, 2013

‘Doctor Who’ top facts from Comic-Con 2013

Doctor Who was back in Hall H where fans held their sonic screwdrivers in the air and clapped to the heartbeat of a Time Lord to welcome the cast and showrunners.

The panel was hosted by super Whovian fan Craig Ferguson and featured Steven Moffat, Jenna-Louise Coleman, and Matt Smith. Mark Gatiss and David Bradley were also on hand to discuss the docudrama about the Launching of Doctor Who: An Adventure in Time and Space.

1. On Place Emotionally They Haven’t Been

Moffat quips, “but I let Amy and Rory live until their 80’s I was merciful.” He also won’t guarantee that other people (perhaps Captain Jack) aren’t in the 50th. He said he has lied about several things.

2. On Whovian Responsibility

Moffat is still a fan “though it wrecks every day of my year.” Moffat thinks the Doctor is everything from a big kid to an old man, and the actor who has done that best of anyone is Matt Smith. There has been a lot that they have set up that will come to pass in the 50th.

3. Mark Gatiss on His Docudrama

He has wanted to tell the story of the unlikely group forever. David Breadley remembers watching Doctor Who in his teens. It was mythical he says. They also managed to obtain a 50-year-old prop from the original TARDIS and 50-year-old Marconi cameras.

4.Docudrama Trailer

The trailer was both poignant and comic. Jessica Rain and David Bradley are standouts as Verity Lambert and William Hartnell.

5. The Doctor and River

Moffat’s favorite is when the Doctor kisses River for the goodbye. It’s the first time the Doctor initiates a kiss like that. Matt’s is when she flirts with him when he brings her back to her cell.

6. Matt Smith on Comparing Doctors

Matt Smith thinks David Tennant is more “Swashbuckly and heroic”. He thinks his Doctor is just flummoxed.

7. 50th Anniversary Exclusive clips

Highlights included: A sonic screwdriver comparison between 10 and 11, Rose Tyler meeting the Doctor in between 8 and 9, the Doctors imitating each other, comments on a redecorated TARDIS, and more.

8. Favorite Scenes This Past Season

Jenna’s favorite was the TARDIS on the cloud and Matt’s was the floating Clara’s. Moffat’s favorite was seeing all the Daleks for “Asylum of the Daleks.” Mark Gatiss’ favorite was the “Crimson Horror” when Diana Rigg reveals the alien.

9. On Doing Historical Episodes

Moffat dislikes writing those himself despite doing “The Girl in the Fireplace,” he farms historicals out to other writers who like doing research.

10.On Alternate Characters They Would Play

Steven Moffat would want to be the Doctor. David Bradley got his dream to be The Doctor. Matt would be The Master. Mark Gatiss would be Jo Grant. Jenna would be Strax.

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