The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine hits shelves tomorrow, and contained within is a revealing interview with showrunner Steven Moffat. Ahead of the official release, several snippets have made their way online which reveal some interesting things about Amy and Rory, UNIT, the series arc and Jenna-Louise Coleman! This post contains spoilers.

Doctor Who TV revealed the tidbits from issue #446, which you can see below – we’ve marked particularly interesting parts in bold.

  • Rory and Amy are no longer regular travelers with the Doctor: “If he thinks he needs them, he just pops in on them,” but, “Each time they’ll get a little older.”
  • Moffat on killing off companions: “Even if I don’t think I’ll do it…maybe I will do it!”
  • Moffat ponders, “If we did a UNIT story, would Martha be there?
  • The Special Weapons Dalek will definitely appear in the opener
  • Moffat reiterates that the New Paradigm Daleks are an “officer class”
  • Can the question “Doctor Who?” be answered? “Wait and see”
  • We will find out exactly what Trenzalore is all about
  • “The Fall of the Eleventh” will also be resolved (perhaps not in Series 7 though)
  • Moffat is very keen that the order of the episodes can be swapped around this time
  • There will still be a story arc, but it will be “the opposite” of Series 6
  • Even though he said no more two-parters, they are still possible if the story requires them
  • Jenna-Louise’s companion will be different to the others and is “going to be a shock”
  • Filming will continue throughout the rest of 2012 and further into 2013 and beyond

Given the revelation that UNIT will be appearing in the fourth episode of the next series, we anticipate that a return from Martha is a very real possibility. With filming also continuing throughout the rest of this year and next, we expect LOTS of material for the big 50th anniversary special in 2013.

Hypable will have full scans of the interview, and other points of interest from the latest issue early tomorrow.

Would you like to see Martha return? In what ways do you think the dynamic will change now that Amy and Rory will no longer be full-time companions? How will Coleman’s character be “a shock”?

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