Did you catch these Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor details on your first watch through?

The Day of the Doctor had fans laughing and crying – but in between all of that fangirling and fanboying, did you catch these references to past episodes? The Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode starred Matt Smith and David Tennant as the Eleventh and Tenth Doctors (or are they Twelve and Eleven now?) alongisde Eight and a Half the Warrior Doctor played by John Hurt. While you were drooling over Tennant’s return, here’s what you missed.

If ‘The Moment’ sounded familiar, that’s because it was.

In David Tennant’s last episode, “The End of Time: Part Two”, the President of the Time Lords says, “He still possesses the Moment. And he’ll use it to destroy Daleks and Time Lords alike.” (source/source)

The Black Archive was basically the ‘Doctor Who’ props department.

The Black Archive is supposed to hold the most dangerous weapons on Earth. And in keeping with that, here are River Song’s shoes from “The Time of Angels” (we bet her lipstick is around there somewhere). (source)

Whereas this is obviously a hugely dangerous weapon, as proven when it broke out hearts and destroyed our souls back in “Doomsday”. (source)

Archived footage just can’t replace the real thing (but we knew that).

All 13 Doctors may have turned up to save Gallifrey, but that didn’t stop the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) from taking a minute for an outfit change. (source)

The Museum is basically the curator’s TARDIS.

That’s right, those are round things on the walls. And no, we still don’t know what they do. Is “the Curator” simply a new title in the place of an old one, like say, “the Doctor”? (source)

We now know why Queen Elizabeth hates the Doctor.

We all wondered about the sexual tension in “The Shakespeare Code”. But getting married to the Queen of England, and then never coming back after you promised that you would? Yeah, that would do it. (source)

Also why one of her nicknames might not be appropriate

No one tell Eight and a Half/the Warrior Doctor/John Hurt that Ten was getting it on with the Queen, he didn’t even like seeing them kiss. (source)

And does that make the Doctor the King of England?

Because never dying does create certain problems for the chain of succession. And the whole idea of a monarchy.

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