In a surprising turn of events today the Internet has brought us the official posters for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special!

Check out the two brand new posters for the upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, giving us new insights into what the episode may feature.

Doctor Who

'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary poster

Click the image to see it full size!

This poster definitely repeats themes that Comic-Con goers saw in the trailer shown exclusively to them in July, like John Hurt’s character walking through chaos and the appearance of the Daleks.

There’s also brand new material we see in the poster that wasn’t hinted at in the trailer, like the words “Bad Wolf” graffitied onto a brick wall. This reference to Rose Tyler’s entire story arc is exciting for fans of the first reboot companion, and we’re excited to see how it could possibly be relevant in the 50th anniversary special.

You’ll also notice that Matt Smith is wearing the new suit featuring his purple frock coat and pocket watch, instead of the tweed jacket and suspenders that have been the Eleventh Doctor’s main look from season 5 and 6. We wonder if he’ll be keeping this new look for the entirety of the special or if at some point he’ll be wearing his classic look as a homage to his first appearance on Doctor Who.

The 50th anniversary special run time was recently announced, and Steven Moffat has stated that it’s not going to be the second half of season 7’s finale. He added that it will stand on its own – despite John Hurt’s character being revealed at the end of the finale.

These images leaked on Tumblr, and the BBC has yet to issue a statement or reveal them in any official capacity. One can expect that at some point within the next two months we’ll be getting the trailer for the special, as it was already shown at Comic-Con earlier this year.

Perhaps when they officially release these posters they’ll finally give us a glimpse into the footage? One can hope!

Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor, posted his message to fans via the BBC1 Twitter.

For our readers in the U.K. there are a myriad of Doctor Who events that are retrospectives both serious and light-hearted in nature. It’s likely BBC America will have its own series of events with Whovians more familiar to American audiences such as Chris Hardwick, Craig Ferguson, and John Barrowman.

What do you think of the new poster?

Stay tuned to Hypable, as rumor has it a new announcement is coming some time today. This article will be updated accordingly.

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