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‘Divergent’ at Comic-Con 2013: The cast talks favorite moments with Hypable

Hypable was able to attend the Divergent party red carpet at San Diego Comic-Con 2013, where the cast shared their favorite moments and talked about their experiences on the set.

The cast, director, and book author of Divergent all came out to Comic-Con in San Diego this year to promote the movie and discuss the project with fans.

We decided to ask the stars on Thursday night what their favorite parts of the process was and how they felt about being at Comic-Con this year.

From casting, filming, and now Comic-Con – what was your favorite part about being a part of ‘Divergent’?

Veronica Roth (Author): “Really the best part was meeting this crew that they have behind the scenes. The cast was also awesome, but I was surprised by the crew and how lovely, hardworking and thoughtful they were. And they were teaching me about the book like ‘This is why it’s like this, because so and so happens in the book,’ and I’m like ‘I know, I wrote it!’ Meeting and working with them was definitely one of my favorite parts.”

Ben Lloyd-Hughes (Will): “I mean [Comic-Con] is pretty big. I can’t say that I became an actor for this because it’s not necessarily the work, but it is a huge perk. I think the biggest drill for me was telling the story and the moments on set when we were talking about the characters and talking about the acting about what we were gunna do, that was a highlight. Other than that I think the whole journey, really.”

Ben Lamb (Edward): “Casting was like, a real experience. It was 6 months of flying to LA and back. In fact I was actually shooting a TV show in Belgium at the time, White Queen which comes to Starz on the tenth of August, and it was quite exciting. But getting stabbed in the eye was probably the most exciting scene to do, it entailed 2 hours of prosthetic makeup and a really nice visceral scene to do.”

Mekhi Phifer (Max): “There were so many moments. Finding out that I was going to be spending time in Chicago was great, but I did miss my family. One of my favorite moments would have to be wrapping it up and knowing that we did a great job and being able to sleep in my own bed again. I wasn’t there for the final day but my last day was great, they sent us off in a very heroic fashion.”

Zoë Kravitz (Christina): “Probably filming it! Once you’re filming it you meet all these new people and you create a family and you all come together to create something amazing, that’s what it’s all about. Being in Chicago was great and then meeting everyone was amazing.”

Maggie Q (Tori): “Definitely, I think, the creative process in the beginning. Once you’re in it you know, I had such a great time. That’s the best part. Promotion is a whole other animal, like [Comic-Con] is actually not what we do. I mean, it’s not something that we sign up to do but it is something we have to, but I enjoy it because I get feedback that I need.

“There’s a huge difference between coming to Comic-Con for the movie than for Nikita. For the show it’s sort of like, it’s a feedback thing. People come and they tell me feedback about what they liked and what they didn’t and I can work on it. But with a movie it’s more about what the expectation is, because people have these expectations about what you should do but you can’t always meet them. But you do what you can do and just move on.”

You just finished a couple days ago, how does it feel now that you’ve ended?

Neil Burger (Director): “It’s an amazing relief. It feels great and like we’ve accomplished something, but it’s a relief because shooting is wonderful but brutal. We had a nice last moment on the set, and there are ebbs and flows of energy when you’re filming a really long project of course but we ended on a high note, and that was great.”

How are you enjoying Comic-Con? What was your reaction when you saw all these fans lined up for you?

Ansel Elgort (Caleb): “It’s amazing, I love it. Right now it’s fine because it’s not that many fans, I can still walk around with not many people bugging me. All the fans have been really nice, and it’s great to know that we have support.”

Amy Newbold (Molly): “I mean, how did they all get here?! I think all the collective effort of everyone getting here is crazy. I was actually thinking on the plane when I was on my way over here, what in my life am I so passionate about that I would go to a convention and stand in line for so long? It’s awesome to be a part of it, and Comic-Con has been really fun so far!”

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