Disney’s upcoming reimagining of The Lion King directed by Jon Faverau has cast the actor who’ll play the bird character Zazu.

It’s none other than a man who looks like a bird, John Oliver. The comedian was formerly a correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show before getting his own weekly show on HBO, Last Week Tonight.

In the animated film, Zazu is an assistant to Mufasa before getting close to Simba. The role was originally voiced by Rowan Atkinson, another British comedian.

Disney has officially announced that the new Lion King will co-star James Earl Jones reprising his role as Mufasa and Donald Glover who’ll play adult Simba. The movie will hit theaters July 19, 2019. In a statement, Disney says that the studio “and Favreau will build on the groundbreaking technology used in The Jungle Book to bring the story of Simba to photorealistic life.”

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