9:15 am EDT, July 23, 2018

Disney releases first look at live-action ‘Kim Possible’

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Kim Possible is leaving animation behind and headed into the live-action world, and Disney released our first look at the new and improved Kim.

Many of us grew up watching the Disney cartoon Kim Possible, a show about a nice, funny, and smart girl who was a regular high school student by day and a badass world-saver by night. Accompanied by her best friend Ron and his naked molerat, Kim was either who we all wanted to become, or we wanted to be her best friend or date her.

Disney has decided to bring Kim back for a whole new generation of kids, but instead of reviving the animated series, they opted to bring Kim Possible into the live-action world, played by actress Sadie Stanley. Of course, reviving the character in a Disney Channel original movie meant that a few things had to change for Kim, especially when it came to her iconic, world-saving outfit.

The original cartoon aired from 2002-2007, so in addition to Kim likely not carrying a beeper for her friends to beep her if they want to reach her, a non-animated version of the character from 2019 is definitely going to have a different sense of style than a high school girl in the early aughts. Disney Channel released a quick video that showed a snapshot of Kim’s evolution from early 2000s hero to a real-life teen in 2019.

It’s definitely a different look for Kim, namely in her choice to trade baggy cargo pants for tight-fitting, non-pocketed pants with criss-cross straps at the bottom. Fans have been pretty split with their reactions on social media, some criticizing the look for forcing Kim to deal with the problem all women seem to face: pants with no functional pockets, while others seem to think that the sleeker look is actually a lot more practical for Kim’s classic acrobatics and world-saving than huge, baggy cargos.

Of course, you can only tell so much about Stanley’s portrayal of Kim Possible in this one photo. We’ll have to wait to see how Kim’s classic wit and quick thinking translates to a live-action Disney Channel original movie.

There isn’t a specific release date just yet, but the new Kim Possible Disney Channel original movie is set to be released sometime in 2019.

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